't Pakhuis
Janskerkhof 21
A bar that, as many others, also serves food. But this place specializes in saté, and does rather well in that respect. Said to be frequented by members of Utrecht's female student society. In honour of their name, usually packed to the brim with students at night. 24 APR 99
Our rating: ** out of 5

't Pandje
Nobelstraat 193

The main advantage of this place is that it stays open until 4am during the week and even later in the weekends, and you can even get hot drinks all night here. Meeting place for foreign students. Women should be careful about harrassment by drunk customers, although any customer found guilty of harassment will be unceremoniously asked to leave. Holland's reputedly most famous bartender works here--see if you recognize him. 24 FEB 00
Our rating: **** out of 5

eetcafe het Polman's Huis
Keistraat 2

Incredibly spacious main room--the ceiling is at eleven meters--but very snobby and chique. A good place to take your (soon-to-be) parents or soon-to-be business partners for a coffee. They serve incredibly good food as well. 9 FEB 00
Our rating: **1/2 out of 5

de Poort van Kleef
Mariaplaats 7

Strange place with a small terrace. 24 APR 99
No rating yet.

picture old-brown interior eetcafe de Poort
Tolsteegbarriere 2

Terrible food. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Don't get tempted to have dinner here: their al dente pasta is impossible to tell from mashed potatoes. Anonymous but reliable sources tell us that the toilets are cleaned only very rarely. However, the last time we visited the toilets were on the good side of immaculate. In fact, we've never seen toilets that clean before. Recently voted ``the country's second best bar'', obviously without consulting the authors of this list! 9 FEB 00
Our rating: 1/2 out of 5

old-brown interior Postillon
Lijnmarkt 50

Old brown and beautifully located next to a bridge crossing the Oudegracht, with splendid glas-in-lood (stained glass) windows on three sides. Among the (mostly local) regular customers sitting at the bar you can sometimes spot a dog lost in thought over his glass of beer. The nice terrace and the very friendly, very professional, and very well-dressed owner make this place definitely worth a visit. Descend the stairs to the bathrooms for a touch of that german-guesthouse feeling. 3 OCT 00
Our rating: ***1/2 out of 5

picture old-brown interior eetcafe het oude Pothuys
Oudegracht 279

Located in a cellar at the canal, the atmosphere is not very fresh here. Live-music nearly every evening, but not always worth a visit. From half of the tables you can not view the bands, but they will disturb your conversations though. Good food, also served on their canal-side terrace. 9 FEB 00
Our rating: **1/2 out of 5

Jan Primus
Jan van Scorelstraat 31

For over twenty years the leading beer pub in Holland with eleven beers on draft and over 150 different bottled beers. No music, slot machines, or other additions. Quiet street corner cafe, nice people, always good conversation. The International Neighbor Group (mostly foreign university guests) gathers here frequently. Following business hours, the bar is often densely populated with `ouwe ballen', middle-aged business men in blazer and tie. 24 APR 99
No rating yet.

Vredenburg 39

The only things we know about this place is that they give one guilder reduction on winter beer, that it's closed on Sundays, and that the interior is completely uninteresting--which is probably why we haven't checked it out yet. Sold by its former owner (who also owns Willem Slok) to the Dikke Dries chain. The interior was redecorated--we still have to check it out--and the cafe is now called Joseph. 24 APR 99
No rating yet.

eetcafe de Puinhoop
Willemstraat 12

A very small cafe with very cheap food (approximately f 10 for a three-course meal) and a small terrace in summer. Formerly known as Willem's Bar. 9 FEB 00
No rating yet.