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Introducing The ZuipWijzer
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What Closing Hours?
Utrecht is one of the few Dutch cities that have no official closing hour for bars. [Page 2]

Bars vs. Restaurants
Our dinner guide tells you all about the subtle differences between eating at bars, eetcafes, and restaurants. [Page 2]

Utreg, Statsie Waor!
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Just Another Night in the City

Local Utrechters, or others who know the city intimately, may enjoy reading about the bars and cafes they already know. But this introduction to the nightlife of Utrecht was primarily written for those who are visiting the city. Whether you are here on business, backpacking, or starting a new life in the Domstad, the information here should be a starting point for an evening well spent.
Most of the nightlife and bars described in the list are located between, or just outside, what are called the singels: the broad canals that bound the downtown area from all sides with the exception of the west side, where the ugly railway station serves this purpose. Although there are some nice bars located outside this area, they may be hard to find without a map or friend. By staying
within the downtown area you will never be far from a decent bar, even though at some locations they are more obvious and concentrated than at others. These hot spots are all fairly close to the conveniently-located Dom tower, and are generally known by their street names. In case you are desperate to find a bar fast, you can ask anyone for directions to either one of the following locations: Wed, Neude, Janskerkhof, Domplein, or Nobelstraat.

Long-Awaited Facelift Here at Last

UTRECHT, FEBRUARY 9TH. So here it is, after a long long wait: the complete makeover of our overview of Utrecht's numerous bars and cafes. The first thing that will catch your eye is the renewed layout, but that's not all. We've also extensively updated the numerous reviews and facilitated access to the list. Not everything works yet but we may be working on it in the weeks to come. Then again, we may not.

Be that as it may, we hope you'll enjoy the new site as much as you always have the places described therein.

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