Utreg, Statsie Waor!

This expression in local dialect means as much as "Utrecht, quite a town". With this in mind, we have tried to think of some aspects of Utrecht's nightlife that may be called truly local.

However, there isn't much in Utrecht you can't get elsewhere in Holland apart from its great atmosphere, pretty streets, and many, many bars. Utrecht has a very large number of terraces but that'll only do you well in summer.

There is a local beer by the name of Dom Blondje that you may want to try, but it isn't sold everywhere. You might want to take some care not to be misunderstood when ordering it as it means `dumb blond girl'. Oudaen also sells home-brew beer.

One thing noteworthy about Utrecht is the large number of annual festivals. Many of them are worth checking out if you are in town, or even worth travelling to Utrecht for. Here we mention a few: Theater aan de Werf (theater festival), Springdance (dance festival), Blues Route, Papernote Jazz Festival, Smartlappen Festival (traditional Dutch music, nice), Utrechtse Filmdagen (film festival), de Parade (various short performances, usually in late July, very nice), and U-Dance (dance festival).

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The reviews listed below form a selective overview of cafe's, bars, and pubs in Utrecht; the current edition contains 144 entries. Please note that the information provided here is neither complete nor objective, and is not intended to be: it is merely meant as a starting point for people wanting to pass an evening in our city.

For your convenience, we have awarded anything from half a star up to five stars to each cafe and bar. A lot of entries are still lacking a review and/or a rating, most often because we simply don't know the place in question. Please help us by sharing your wisdom!

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UTRECHT, FEBRUARY 22TH. More media madness: last Saturday the Utrechts Nieuwsblad recently ran yet another article on this site.

As for something we've been promising for a long time: the list of bars can finally also be viewed sorted by rating. While we were at it, pictures of a few cafes are now available by clicking on the camera icons in the listings, and we plan to add lots of new pictures in the near future. Then again...

Last but not least, we've implemented another new feature that might come in handy in case you're about to visit a cafe you've never been to: clicking on the address below a cafe's name opens a map of Utrecht with its location indicated (with a tip of the hat to de Gemeente Utrecht).

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