Oudegracht 1
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eetcafe het Weeshuis
Domplein 16

A good place to spend your summer evenings on its big terrace with an excellent view on the Dom tower. Since it is usually crowded when the weather is good, you might have to wait endlessly before being served. Downstairs (not the regular place to sit, but a room that can be reserved for special occasions) are the remains of an old Utrecht orphanage (hence the name). 9 FEB 00
Our rating: *** out of 5

Willem II
Willemstraat 37

Now houses Tomorrows. 14 FEB 00
Our rating: 1/2 out of 5

picture Willem Slok
Korte Koestraat 2

Formerly owned by popular Dutch radio-host and pop star Henk Westbroek, this place might have been equally popular as him had it not been located somewhat off-route from other bars. It has a relaxed atmosphere, and all other features of a good bar (good music, nice interior, invariably friendly service and a terrace). Willem Slok has at least one very regular customer, who can be observed night and day sleepily staring at you from a corner by the window. Don't let him fool you--it's just a wax figure! Regulars may tell you about the turbulent life of the founder, Willem Slok himself, of whom a sketch can be found on the wall opposite from the bar. Used to be Maarten's favourite but has for some reason fallen from grace. Reportedly a hangout for the crew of the Stadsomroep Utrecht local radio station. Closed on Sundays. 14 FEB 00
Our rating: ***** out of 5

eetcafe Winkel van Sinkel
Oudegracht 158

A truly grand cafe located at a prime location inside the magnificent building of the former AMRO bank. (The name dates back to the original Winkel van Sinkel housed there, which was the first Dutch warehouse.) Only the small outside is visible from the streetside; the huge statues somewhat limit the view, and unfortunately the place is lit like a construction site. The interior is definitely the more interesting part of the building: a staggeringly huge hall filled with wooden tables and classic red leather benches at the sides. The mirror-ball on the ceiling is the only reminder that the place sometimes hosts a disco as well as gala evenings. Despite ample personnel, it is at times hard to catch a waiter's or waitress' attention in this huge place. (The waitresses are certain to catch your attention though--be prepared to learn the true meaning of the word mini skirt.) Make sure to visit the bathroom downstairs; to get there, you'll need to walk through a few medieval-looking vaults. Relatively expensive, but definitely worth it. 9 FEB 00
Our rating: ***1/2 out of 5

old-brown interior Jan de Winter
Oudegracht 170

Home of fraternity boys and students from Unitas (wanna-be fraternity boys). Regulars drink a lot and put things on tab. Although they're not always able to pay afterwards, it makes the owner a popular person. 24 APR 99
Our rating: *1/2 out of 5

picture de Witte Ballons
Lijnmarkt 12

A low-profile bar located next to cafe De Baas. About the only interesting feature of the place is the bartenders incredible moustache! 24 APR 99
Our rating: *1/2 out of 5

het Witte Haantje
Voorstraat 4

(Also popularly knows as de Zwarte Kip or de Paarse Paradijsvogel.) It appears that the bartender opens the place when he is thirsty himself. From the outside the place looks rather vague, but inside you will instantly feel at home. Good music and friendly service, but it might take you some time to order because the bartender has to finish his own drink or his conversation with one of the drunk regular customers. There is a pooltable, but don't expect all the equipment to be complete; currently you can play for free because the coin machine is out of order. Bring your own crowd (or show up after 4am). Another place gone to the dogs (that is, it closed down). 24 APR 99
Our rating: **** out of 5

Lange Jufferstraat 62

Same as Bartje, with a different name and location only. 24 APR 99
No rating yet.

de Wolkenkrabber
Oudegracht 47

A friendly hangout for part of the Utrecht gay scene. Long and narrow interior with semi-modern touch, and uncommon but comfortable window seats. .end 24 APR 99
No rating yet.