de Zaak
Korte Minrebroederstraat 9
A very popular meeting place for all sorts of people. The large terrace fills up early in summer. Despite the trendy-looking facade the interior is old brown. At the back they have a collection of comics and newspapers to read while enjoying your coffee, as well as a CD jukebox. The entrance is pretty drafty in winter; sitting at the bar or in the back is a better choice then. Latest and distressing news: de Zaak has quit selling nachos! Even later and uplifting news: the aforementioned nachos are back! And to top it off, de Zaak now offers free peanuts, the shells of which you are allowed--in fact, even encouraged--to throw on the ground. (Apparently, the oil left in them is good for the wooden floor.) 24 APR 99
Our rating: ***** out of 5

de Zadelbar
Zadelstraat 22

(Sorry, not reviewed yet.)

Cafe Zanzibar
Willemstraat 51

Not exactly the place to meet fellow students, this very spacious bar is the hangout for Utrecht's Carnival Society. Typical and extremely distasteful interior--the plastic neon-lit `stained glass' window near the entrance makes brave men weep--with photographs of carnival members in ceremonial costumes on the walls. We must say that the bartenders and regular customers are very friendly though. This bar usually features a pool table but it's `on vacation' at the moment. (We inferred that this must be local slang for `in repair'.) 14 FEB 00
Our rating: ** out of 5

eetcafe Zeezicht
Nobelstraat 2

Used to be a very popular and somewhat trendy place. It was unfortunately sold, is now part of a chain of `English pubs' with a horrible fake old-style facade. 9 FEB 00
Our rating: ***1/2 out of 5

de Zes Vaatjes
Mgr van de Weteringstraat 32

Located in the owner's living room and officially for invited guests only, to enter this place you have to ring the doorbell first. The owner will welcome you to a nice quiet cozy place with a large table for groups of people. The two elderly bartenders (Albert and Bert--they're father and son!) are very kind and will serve you at your table. They offer a great and extensive selection of whiskies. 24 APR 99
Our rating: ***1/2 out of 5

de Zotte
Nobelstraat 243

Pretends to be a student-bar, but stay away if you're over 16 years old. Dark and crowded interior with some extra space in the back; often loud customers. 24 APR 99
Our rating: 1/2 out of 5


(Sorry, not reviewed yet.)

de Zwarte Zee

(Sorry, not reviewed yet.)