LT(jg) Fritz Stern

Deck Department

1960 - 1963


LtjgStern2.jpg (75329 bytes) Mr. Stern on the flying bridge with IGNATIO, SN

stern2.jpg (17802 bytes) "Round up the usual suspects."

cranmore_stern.jpg (65717 bytes)"All hands on deck to witness punishment"  Cranmore and Lt(jg) Stern ham it up on #3 hatch. 

Fritz Stern was the OOD when I reported aboard in April, 1961 as a new Ensign.  I had been in the reserves for six years so felt fairly comfortable with Navy protocol.  But for some unknown reason even to this day, I saluted the jack staff instead of the ensign.  I realized my mistake immediately. The Petty Officer of the watch, HOBGOOD, EM2, kept a straight  face but I know it must have been hard.  Fritz  carried on as if everything was OK which definitely helped with my embarrassment.