Mixed Media

29 inches X 40 inches



Graceful and highly animated, this describes the Tennessee Walking Horse. As he goes into his 'rocking chair' canter, he lifts his head and entire front end. As he is doing this, his powerful rear is reaching under and driving him forward in a slow, controled, fluid motion. As slow and rythmic as he lifts up, so it is as he comes down. This gait is as natural as any other gait. Normally it is seen in the padded horses in the show ring. However, not only have I seen it in the liteshod classes, but, I have seen it in unshod horses in the pasture.

This sculpture is available in a limited edition of unpainted resins, artist painted resins (which can include ribbons in your colors) and cold cast bronzes. Rockon is being cast in fine art quality white resin with steel reinforced legs and tail, exclusively by Bryan Eppley of Buckeye Mannikins, Inc. located in Millersburg, Ohio. Please contact the artist for prices and availability.

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