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QFlying ...Just about the most fun you can have and still keep your clothes on ! Q
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What You Won't Find Much of Here

Not much in  banners, commercial popups, logos advertisements etc.  If any of the above  popup on your screen they are not necessarily endorsed by me or I have no control over them.  A few books in programing are all I now personally recommend.
I am presently making some changes in the site to accommodate a online store devoted to the sale of   AVIATION/PILOTS  PRODUCTS. 
Bookmark Me and check back often. 
What You Will Find Here

Aviation  (For the homebuilder)

Aviation Safety         Aviation Weather           Links to the top satellite views and tracking
My aviation Art        My Airshow pictures      Experimental Aircraft Association
Aviation Humor (The most on the net)           Links to some of the best aviation sites on the net
                               including clubs, suppliers, Ultralights and info sources
                               (along with my personal comments about those sites)
And Much, Much More..
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"Did You Close Your Flight Plan?"

Select and Play or Copy From Over 180 Top midi Tunes
Step Back in Time - Music From the Thirties Through Today
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Pages of free JavaScripts, most with working models.
These are Cut n' Paste scripts that I use throughout my site so you can see how they work.
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Live Cameras
Both the USA and Abroad
How many people can say "I have personally visited all but 4 of my camera links"

Computers & Computing
Questions about Y2K or programs, patches and fixes?  I have the links to the answers
Free programs? I have that too along with some great sites you might want to bookmark.

Movie Reviews
7 sources from the most serious reviews to the most humorous
I also have reviews on all those 'B' movies that you always wanted (not) to see.

Lonely? (I really have one for you lonely guys), looking for freebies, backgrounds, gif art, weird news, dumb websites, jokes.

You will find it all here so make yourself at home
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