TNT-Show about KGB-UFO crash a HOAX!
The UFO-Crash shown in TNT-Special was probably a HOAX!

Unfortunately it seems we must conclude, although perfectly
staged, the crash portraied in the TNT-special was probably
an elaborate hoax. After you read the following article by
researcher Alex Hefmann you will probably agree...


The program was primary based on the rolls of films allegedly smuggled from Russia, allegedly from KGB archives, set of af the documents allegedly purchased on the "black market" for $10,000

I AM AFRAID TO DISAPPOINT EVERY FELLOW UFO RESEARCHER BUT AFTER VERY INTENSIVE INVESTIGATION I MUST TELL YOU...These "KGB secret footages and documents" is a very elaborate hoax (or "entertainment program":)
The producers and especially their Russian counterparts must be congratulated for their amazing job!Everything was staged absolutely perfectly.


They probably prefer to call it x-files type entertainment program...but I really think that they gone too far in the creation of the UFO evidences:

"...special featuring never-before-seen footage of what is believed to be actual crash sites and alien autopsies,
first-hand accounts with former agents of the KGB of UFO-incidents, powerful re-creations of alien encounters and first-time interviews with the experts who have seen the documentation and know the truth." (From TNT site). (Question remains if experts participated in the program did know the "truth"?) I personally feel cheated...really AMAZING WORK nothing like this ever before was presented to poor UFOLOGISTS and experts

Ahhhh... I spent so much time to find out the truth that I do not even want to disappoint everybody...
I hope that Production Company will not drag me to the court for this research...

My first suspicions where with the newspaper. They did not mentioned and shown the name of the newspaper. Only partial name was readable and it was VECHERNY, published by Sverdlovsky Gorkom on Friday, 29 1998. Why? Probably to make it difficult to check it out for ordinary US ufologist... without serious research and reconstruction.

I spent a lot of efforts to get ABSOLUTE IRON CLAD evidences that in 1968 the only "Vecherny ..." newspaper in Sverdlovsk region and the only newspaper published by any Sverdlovsky Gorkom was "Vecherniy Sverdlovsk". (I was able to engage the small army of real experts from Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Perm !) I even got THE COPY!

Nothing like the newspaper which was shown in the program. Ofcourse this is not enough...

They had shown the faces of the "seller" and "translator" and even provided their names. In the real situation these people will be immediately found and arrested with unpleasant consequences for any Russian or American "associates".

I got an official response from the "3rd Medical Stomatology Institute imeni Semashko". The only medical institution in 1969 in Moscow with the name Semashko, except children's hospital. They never had "Deputy Decan Tolmakov".

When I wrote about my suspicions to the producers they were not interested at all and refused to provide any information. They completely and unequivocally claimed copyrights for the footages and documents!!!

But these documents were allegedly stolen!

I am sure that Hollywood Production Company will not take a legal risk of claiming the copyrights for the stolen property and will not made infringement complaint which can put them in the legal jeopardy. (e.g.: copyright claims, and purchase, usage and profiting from the known to be stolen property, potential criminal liability, potential lawsuit with FSB or its commercial entities, etc., etc. But they claimed the copyrights!
This is really convinced me (with some legal help) that it is "THEIR PRODUCTION" and they have these rights.

Under the harassing threat of legal action for "libel" and "slander", I wasted some more time and money and finally with the HUGE DIFFICULTIES found one fellow who participated in the production. And... yes he confirmed that it was a hoax...

One more thing:

I am very much upset with UFO sceptic Mr. Kal Korff who, by my opinion, blatantly exploited the public interest for this program and declared that he received pieces from the crash. I told him from the beginning that UFO critic shall not do such jokes to discredit the UFO...but he assured me that he is serious. That's what I wrote about him later on my old page:

"There is another twist:

On Sep.26 1998 one "critically-acclaimed investigative journalist and author" disseminated press release that he "has received for analysis five purported fragments from an alleged UFO "crash" near Berezovsky, Russia, in 1969". "It is my intention to have them analyzed both at a private university laboratory and at a U.S. government laboratory"... "said in a short statement while visiting one of his offices" :) " available for interviews". There is a photo of something which is looks like a piece of rusted pipe. Phone number of his book publisher is left for contacts...The following natural questions are not answered so far (even inspite of several requests and their obvious basicality):

1. Who, when, how and on which conditions supplied the samples?

2. Why these pieces are related to the same story?

3. Who else received the samples and why he was chosen from 10,000+ "critically-acclaimed investigative journalists and authors", ufologists, TV producers, scientists, etc.?

Without straight answers to these basic questions it shall be concluded that this journalist either became aż willing victim of the hoax or made it up by himself. Obtaining and fighting over the results of analysis shall be considered just as another self-promoting publicity stunt in a typical "UFO money making" fashion, if no satisfactory explanations will be made. So far the fact is that this "critically-acclaimed investigative journalist" even did not bothered to study the story because the alleged crash was in 1968 and not in 1969.

Unfortunately this incident could damage credibility of the whole story and diverse attention from serious evidences."

By: Alex Hefman