Obvious Hoaxed Pictures

Some of the pictures Meier has come up with are so obviously fake they don't need any additional comments. The 'alledged UFO' on our the previous page is a rather good example for this. Now there we have a shape that is about as aero-dynamical as a brick. We would be very surprised if this construction would make it over the Swiss Alps, let alone get out of our atmosphere :)

The picture shown on the right is adjusted by A.U.R.A. We deleted the background of this one and there is an obvious edge visible around the 'UFO'. If you zoom in even more you'll notice a different pixel in the 'UFO' compared to the 'background'. One could say this is definetly the result of using 'cut & paste' techniques while retouching the photograph. There are many photographs like these and worse to be found on the homepage of FiGU and Meier, but we don't want to waste all these precious Kb's on those.

Another case of Meier being caught on hoaxing are his 'time-travel' pictures. On those that depicted dinosaurs it is said to be recognized by several people as a scene from a sf-horror-movie. The picture Meier was 'allowed' to take in the future is that of L.A. after a big earthquake. As it turns out, Meier photographed the photo- realistic paintwork an artist created for a scientific geological magazine. An artistic impression of the 'Big One', no future-trips... After each time Meier is caught on a major mess-up he tries to get his cult-members closer around him in order to keep in control. After the latest revelations about his hoaxing, there has been an 'attempt' to shoot Meier. The MiB again, according Meier. How it was possible that the 'MiB' would use a .22 for this cause, and miss him from an eight meter distance, now that is ridiculous at least.

The Asket & Nera Hoax

Meier made pictures of the "Pleiadian aliens" too, the blurry ladies on the photograph showed Asket and Nera, according to Meier. When the pictures were examined one noticed that there was a reflection and a strange curve in the pictures, almost as if they were taken off a TV screen. Meiers first excuse is that he took the photographs of the 'aliens' not directly but from a large videoscreen on board of a 'beam-ship'. Too bad that it was discovered just recently that the pictures were INDEED taken from a TV set. The 'aliens' were infacts girls from the Dean Martin Show. Once this came to the open, "Billy" came up with following excuse, still to be found in detail on his web-site: The Men in Black had secretly switched the genuine pictures of Asket and Nera with photos of their American 'doubles' who just happened to be on the Dean Martin show (?). Ptaah had told him so in '85. He just forgot. All to discredit Him, "Billy". The picture on the left shows the Asket&Nera-fake, the german text says the MiB did it, not 'innocent' mr. Meier...

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