Diapet 1/43 Scale Toy Datsun 1600 Roadster

These pictures were sent to me by John M. Dean, who owns this and many other Diapet and similar models. While doing a routine search for "Datsun" in Alta Vista's Usenet search, I came across a message of John's regarding his Diapet Datsun Roadster. He very generously e-mailed me these pictures of his car.

Front of Diapet Datsun Roadster

Rear of Diapet Datsun Roadster

This is a right-hand drive model with Fairlady emblems. The hood opens, but unfortunately I do not have a picture of the engine compartment. There are a few inconsistencies with this model - it has front side marker lights, but no rear lights. It also has the external trunk hinges like the early 1500. The side trim is for 14" wheels, as it doesn't extend beyond the front wheel well. And it's not clear, but the door handles look like the older push-in style.

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This page created November 4, 1996.