Dinner Saturday Night at the Roadster Meet

A good time was had by all who attended the 1997 Datsun Roadster Meet at Mt. Shasta, California, July 11th & 12th. Along with a couple of Roadsters and two more Roadster owners in other cars, we caravaned up Friday morning. The Modesto group, as well as many from Washington, Oregon and Canada were already there when we arrived. No breakdowns impeded our trip up, but a few problems did crop up for the trip down!

There were 54 cars in all at the official Datsun Roadster Meet, and another 5-10 at the All Datsun Meet held at the nearby Mt. Shasta Ski Lodge. Among those only at the Ski Lodge were Scott Higashi with his "unique" 67.5, a 240sx-powered Roadster, and a 1965 RHD 1600.

I didn't write down any owners' names, so if you can identify the owners of unidentified cars, please drop me a note!

Oh, and as for those breakdowns, none stopped us from getting home. For me, my exhaust downpipe clamp (original 1967 style) decided to come off on the way back, leaving me running straight exhaust most of the way home. And for no good reason, it overheated above 65MPH on the way home, although on the trip up it was fine.

I just read that Michael Carion, one of the three Roadster owners I caravaned up with, also had overheating problems, as well as electrical problems, on the way back, but he made it!


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