You   think   you   know   everything   about   Llanview's   Finest??

ever wonder about your favorite llanview citizens before they came on the show?? well, if you do, you will enjoy "The Secret Life of Llanview's Citizens", a fan fiction by myself and a few other people. this will be updated soon as it is written, and we hope you enjoy it.

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llanview's secrets.....

first time, only time
the secret life of cristian vega, by lauren lulu
love don't matter anymore
the secret life of jessica buchanan, by sugar pi
mother dear, father figure
tea's past, by adrianne roberts
the deadly diner.
what did carlotta almost do??? by hayley.

more stories coming soon, if you have a story, please, feel free to send it to me, but if it's already a story, then do not write another story for that person. (ex, no stories about tea, cristian, carlotta and jessica)

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