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Aimee's Music Page

Music is a very important part of my life.
It is my way of worshiping my Creator, and
my way of expressing myself.There is no way
to describe what music does to me.

I play several instruments, but only on my
flute do I feel I can achieve true musical
quality...and even then it's a challenge,
for who's to say what music is? I have been
playing the flute since I was 10, and have
worked hard ever since. Though I had already
received several State awards for solos and
ensembles, my biggest reward came in 1997
and 1998 as I was named as a member of the
Texas All-State Band. I DID NOTdeserve
this, but God, for some reason, felt I did.
I give Him the glory, and no other.
Through my former band program at Nimitz, I
received several musicianship awards such as
the John Philip Sousa Award, the Patrick S.
Gilmore Award (2 times), a memorial award to
my director's grandparents, was named band
sweetheart, and received 3 music scholarships.

I also play the piccolo, bass guitar, guitar,
and piano. I play these instruments in my spare
time. I don't claim to be good at them...in fact,
I pretty much suck. Maybe that will change in the
future with a little practice.We'll see.

Famous quote:

"You're barkin up the wrong tree, and one
day that tree's gonna fall on you!"
~Bobby Heathcock
Nimitz High School Band Director

"Sit for success! Tone not tongue!"
~Patrick Paris
Nimitz High School Assistant Director


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