Las Vegas Snapshots: On the Eve of the Millennium
I spent a week out in Vegas last May and lived to tell about it.

The old adage was "Las Vegas is a 24-hour town", often interpreted as youíll be bored and/or broke by then (though others cited the 24-hour availability of liquor.) And it was easy to get bored in Vegas if you didnít gamble. The attraction of staring at others plinking quarters into a slot machine and watching walls of neon blink off and on paled quickly. Once youíd done the buffet and strolled the lobby shops, there sure wasnít much else to do.

In the past decade, Las Vegas has become such a non-gaming entertainment capital that on my recent trip, I felt it was impossible to see and do everything in a week! Itís got that Orlando feel Ė so many attractions and so far apart, lousy public transportation, the mounting expense and that panicky feeling that youíre not seeing enough stuff fast enough. Now, the return home from Vegas is greeted with cries not of "Did you hit the jackpot?" but "Did you see the volcano, the pirate ship battle, the pyramid, the jousting tournament, the 21st century video arcade, the roller coaster on the top of the tower, the white tigers, the water slide, the place shaped like New York?!" Hellís bells, I tried!

One can never say enough about Las Vegas but I filled 6 pages with 8-point type (and the occasional picture)with my impressions of Americaís favorite vacation destination. Fans of Vegas and fellow travelers can snap up their own copy of Las Vegas Snapshots: On the Eve of the Millennium by sending me two first-class stamps.

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