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One of the very cool and enlightened aspects of the Constitution of The United States was the very astute perception of the Founding Fathers that people were going to subvert the government for their own power agendas. The basic assumption of Unalienable Individual Rights and personal liberty was an astoundingly radical concept at a time when all people were subjects of some monarch (i.e. hereditary tribal chieftain). They were literally his property, like furniture. The safeguards built into the Constitution have been gradually eroded and marginalized and in some cases tossed out altogether. The Constitution is what the Supreme Court defines it to mean (hey, I don't remember that part being there...???). Nonetheless, the bones are still intact and it is the duty of freedom loving people everywhere to assert their right to individual liberty.

In the words of Bob, when he was cured of polio by the heretical "quack" Sister Kenny method - "what else are they lying to us about?"

For your perusal, here are some links that might amuse you.


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O T H E R heretics
WARNING. your consensus world view may be in danger if you proceed further.




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