i d e n t i fication
Note> All data is for 100% pure GHB in powder form only< &Dosage


<<CAUTION: Do not ingest any liquid form of GHB
unless you are absolutely sure of the quality and
quantity of the GHB in it.
I mean absolutely sure as there are potential
consequences such as nausea and drowsiness




GHB is a white or very slightly beige (due to harmless overcooking in the drying/evaporation phase) powder of variable granularity with a slight waxy/sticky feel initially that almost immediately becomes moist/slimy. This is due to its extremely hygroscopic nature, it loves water and will suck it out of the air itself. Unprotected, it will become sticky within minutes and a clear, thick, oily liquid within hours. This does not change its effectiveness at all, just makes it yuckier to handle. When this happens, I just rinse it out with water and drink that.


Store in cool dry area in airtight container. Expose minimally to air when accessing it.

First Time Dosage:

I suggest 0.8-1.5 grams on empty stomach for the cleanest, fastest feel. Should be around 5-15 minutes. If not, bump with an additional 0.2-0.5 g but do not exceed 2.0 g total.

Threshold Dosage:

Gradually refine your dosage till you find your own threshold activation dose. Once you find your threshold, that's it, it does not change. There is no ramping effect, i.e. it doesn't take more and more to get the same effect.


Any combo of the following: a slight congestion behind the eyeballs; deepening of breathing; warm feeling of body relaxation and internal awareness; gippy tummy; smiling and desire for eye contact and other connection; expansion of bio-energetic field (prickling of skin/aura); dropping of inhibitions. There is no compulsion as usually happens with MDMA or other forms of psychoactive amphetamines. You don't need to connect or to move. If you wish to move you'll have tons of stamina, but if you wanna kick, its cool too. GHB removes inhibition and compulsion.

If you take too much you may feel sleepy and droopy eyed. Or slightly nauseous or slightly headachy. The passing out like a a light being switched off stuff I've not encountered myself, and I've taken 10 grams on a couple of occasions. I just got sleepy-I fought it off till I got home is all. I slept it off and afterwards I felt great. NOTE: THIS IS MY ACCOUNT ONLY, INDIVIDUAL RESPONSES VARY AS ALWAYS - BE VERY CONSERVATIVE WITH G.


Day-Lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hrs. I like to start with my threshold dose and bump with a quarter of that every time I feel I'm coming down (1-2 hrs or so).

Sleep-about 4-5 hours of nice deep baby sleep, then wake feeling very rested and refreshed. I usually return to sleep or just get up and work or make love or whatever.


Grass-There is a synergy effect, both effects become much more pronounced. The paranoia reduction effect is very nice combined with the creativity enhancement of the weed.

MDMA-Most people report that they can't even feel the G. Makes sense to me since the E is so overwhelming and G is so subtle. Everyone I know though, loves it for apres Ecstacy, it eases the come down and makes the effects linger, an extender in otherwords. Many people wouldn't think of E without G in the post phase.

Alcohol-I have to address this since everybody's so freaked out about it. Combining with alcohol is severely not recommended. I have had a couple glasses of wine with G. The effect is like having twice as many drinks, again a synergistic effect. The danger lies in not realizing that each drink equals 2-3 and then being really stupid in the way that people are all too often where too much booze is involved. Biochemically though, the real danger is that G competes with alcohol for metabolitic priority and wins, leaving alcohol to decompose to formaldehyde, a poison. In fact, that's what hangovers are, mild formaldehyde poisoning. Therefore combining G and alcohol might create serious formaldehyde poisoning which people die from in the short term, the so called alcohol overdose, and the long term, through liver disease.


Other Drugs:

I have no reports from combos with opiates, tranquilizers, speeds, and psychedelics. But all downers are contraindicated.


Any personal reports, thoughts or response on this?

Additonal Opinion on Dosage.