T a ntric SexMagic
by Sgt. Pepper



GHB decreases the ejaculatory response for males while opening his heart.

GHB sensitizes the clitoris in females and prolongs and intensifies climax while dropping her inhibitions.

Sounds like the perfect tantric elixir to me!.

Tantra is the ancient art and science of potentizing male and female sexual energy to kick us into the next stage of evolution-Total Bliss And Oneness With All. It is The Inner Secret of Secrets of every major traditional mystical system of discipline from the Vedic Yogis, the Taoists and the Egyptians to the Wicca.

Basically it involves the matching and connecting of the opposite sexual polarities of male and female, specific physical discipline to prevent male ejaculation and intensify female climax, breathing and meditative techniques and an open heart. The resultant raising of the Kundalini (according to the Vedic version) coiled in the base of the spine allows both partners to reach Total Ecstasy and permanently altering their neuroprogramming to the next level. The male charge is intensified by arousal without climax and the female by drawn out multiple orgasm without end.

There appears to be an overall increase in interest in Tantra recently. Everyone who has been really into sex for a long enough time eventually comes to the same conclusion-there's something very powerful and magical just waiting there, a deeper sexual connection glimpsed tantalizingly at the most ecstatic climaxes, a doorway of sorts. They eventually discover, like wow, this Tantra thing from ancient times.

Many friends have conducted tantric rituals using GHB. Their reports are without reservation, glowing. People speak of being in love with all of existence during these times, a complete total heart groove. Be warned though, you might fall in love with your partner!


Any personal reports, thoughts or response on this?