___________________________E c s tacy.


MDMA was the first of the Socialibilizers. GHB is the second. These are the so-called heart openers.

My experiences with E have been wonderful and intense. My heart felt very open and I felt compelled to connect with those around me. Once I talked to my 4 year old step daughter for 2 hours. It was enlightening for me and she enjoyed it immensely too.

The main difference between GHB and MDMA was the lack of compulsion. It is extremely interesting for both inhibition and compulsion to be removed. You don't have to connect, but if you want to it is very easy and natural. No jabbering stream of consciousness stuff. Same with activity. If you feel like dancing or moving all night, you'll have the stamina and juice, but if you feel like chillin' no problem. No inhibition and no compulsion. Unique and very nice indeed.

With lovemaking its very intimate and warm. On E even though I'd feel no strong urge to climax or even penetrate, still there was some urgent desire to talk, to get closer, into the same skinspace even as my lover, more , closer, deeper. Not so with GHB. Complete satisfaction at just hanging close, mingling energy fields and locking eye beams. More of a human closeness not so much of a sex closeness, but definitely still male female. Indescribably wonderful. Like being young and in love but without the hormonal tsunami. Just sublime.


Any personal reports, thoughts or response on this?