G H B s t o r i e s

Love & Kung Fu by a Steam Clock.
Bless You!!
Lust in The Wild 'Burbs.
A Kid Again
I like Me



Story #1 -- Love & Kung Fu by a Steam Clock.


The first few times I tried GHB, there were enough variables involved that

I found the effects hard to notice, and was not altogether sure they

weren't products of my own creation. Variables such as amounts and

densities of foods in my body, restedness, and dosage. Nonetheless, I felt

excellent, no matter if induced mentally or chemically. The one variable I

did decide fortified my feelings of well-being, was good marijuana. I was

already quite familiar with the effects of marijuana alone, and it's

magnification effect upon the sensations of the g allowed me to begin to

recognize the g's effects.


I began with single gram doses dissolved into glasses of water, and

gradually increased up to a comfortable 2 gms. I would sometimes have a

large dose, and a smaller one later on in the evening. Then, one morning

once I felt comfortable with g, after a particularly restful night, I waited

about half an hour after waking and began my day with a healthy dose of

GHB, customarily in fresh water. I ate and drank nothing before or after.

My girlfriend had measured out my dose for me, and gone for the day. I was

home alone, working on my computer. After about twenty minutes, I started

noticing my eyes focusing at different focal lengths, or at least, that

was the best I could make of what was happening. Upon finding myself

leaning in to my monitor slightly, head cocked, my grasp of time

temporarily dispatched, I grinned at my delight....I was high on GHB!!


I rose from my computer, anxious to move through space, perhaps to a window

(I live on the 6th floor in the city). I smiled out the window into the

sunshine and fresh air (city fresh) feeling slightly giddy, but not without

balance. I have been training in kung-fu for some time, and it was this

that I felt compelled to experiment with. I moved through my animal sets

with a removed sense of fascination at the fluidity and integrity of my

motions. I'm not positive, but I remember skipping, and being so happy

about that I may have been laughing as well!! (I have a nice skipping rope

that I don't use as often as I should.)


Soon thereafter my close friend and business partner arrived. As I hugged him, I began to tell him how amazed I was that I was actually feeling wonderfully high on GHB!! We smoked a bowl or two together and enjoyed the beautiful morning. Our studio has a stunning view over the North Shore of Vancouver, and it can produce many strong emotions. I believe that Darryl and I put on our coolest sunglasses and went up on to the roof to take it all in. Rico had second thoughts about taking g himself because of stories he had heard, and declined. Incidentally, he has since tried it acouple of times and his patience has paid off just as mine did, with a pleasurable surprise.


Since that day, I usually try to take g early in the day, before I eat, or a couple of hours before a light dinner. If I'm going to be doing something that requires my attention but not much activity, like working on the computer or watching a movie, then I'm less likely to take g. If however I'm going for a bike-ride or to an alcohol-free party, I'll probably bring a little bottle for myself and my friends!!

My girlfriend and I usually did g together, and it opened up our already comfortable communication even further. What I can only call a general feeling of well-being underlying that tipsy innocence. Speaking your mind easily and fluently and moving your body naturally. The first time Liese felt GHB, she danced all around me as we laughed and felt love. On another occasion, she underestimated the power of g, and took almost triple her dosage, across the time span of about two hours. She was in a nightclub across town by herself, and felt that she had to leave. In walking from the club to home (about 20 city blocks) she had to sit down three times, and actually passed out for a short period at least once. She luckily made it home without incident, and was very frightened by the experience.

Overall, I like GHB very much, under my ideal circumstances, which are not difficult to produce!! I do not take it very often, but indulge in a special treat on mornings when I feel particularly deserving!! I have since moved from fresh water to juice, when I have it available, and enjoy the GHB even more!!


Any personal reports, thoughts or response on this?



Story #2 -- Bless You!!

During the summer up here I have the most horrendous hay fever imaginable. Sneeze attacks of 30 are not unusual. This is totally debilitating and I usually end up taking massive doses of anti-histamines just to function. I resist to the bitter end but I've never found any remedy, natural or otherwise that did anything. As I started on my GHB regimen, I thought perhaps that since GHB reduces the stress level, it might have an effect on allergies since allergy symptoms stay sub-clinical until some irritant causes the total stress level to rise above the sub-clinical. Just think about this in the case of colds. Why does getting chilled results in a cold in some but not others?. And if cold causes a cold, why does every Eskimo not have a constant cold? The answer is simply that the bacteria that causes colds are always present and in a weakened immune system, a small amount of stress is enough to tip the scales in their favor, but not in the case of a strong one.

In any case, I appear to be correct. After a dose of G all my hay fever symptoms disappeared within minutes. I repeated the test throughout the summer whenever I had an attack. It always worked. Does anyone else have the same experience?


Any personal reports, thoughts or response on this?



Story #3 -- Lust in The Wild 'Burbs.

I am a 40 year old woman. I tried G the first time last summer and enjoyed the feeling very much. I love biking long distances on it. And most of all I love making love on G!!. I feel like I'm melting all together with and all over my husband. And him, he's a changed man. His fire, which had been lagging lately, he's 46, is like what I remember from our early days, before the kids. When I tease him about being like a kid again, he just gives me this wicked grin and grabs my ass again!! He can last forever and when he finally comes, after I'm limp as a dishrag, he can get it up again in minutes. He's wearing me out, nah, just kidding, I LOVE IT!!. I wish we'd discovered GHB earlier. We're telling all our close friends. They love it too!!


Any personal reports, thoughts or response on this?



Story #4 -- A Kid Again

I'm 44 and a big fan of G. I don't recall ever coming more than once a night even when I really wanted to. With a very notable exception of the affair of my life. (She made me come 5 times in one night on a couple of occasions. I was 26 at the time and that is a different story.) The point is, on GHB, I have repeated this feat at will. Furthermore, I can get it up again within 10 minutes. I swear this on a stack of whatever Holy Book you care to name. You take away my G over the dead body of my partner (she says). And I love the refreshing sleep we both have afterward. Work nites are also play nites now. We play more, work better and feel all around great too. We're convinced. Keep the G coming.


Any personal reports, thoughts or response on this?



Story #5 --I like Me This Way

You know the feelng when you're in love? Everything and everyone is wonderful and the world is right? On GHB I feel that way. The beauty of everyone is evident and I wonder why I don't see this when I'm not on G. As I continue to use G I find that the personality changes within me are permanent. I feel open and smiling in my heart even when I'm not on it. It's more like I want to be and feel. I guess you might say that GHB makes me more the person I want to be, patient, relaxed and serene inside. I like the new me alot. Other people too. Thanks.

Any personal reports, thoughts or response on this?