Daily Updates

August 16-20


Amy breathes a huge sigh of relief when Sean reveals that he's decided to keep mum about their one night stand in order to protect both her and Emily. A.J., Cole and Caitlin all jump to the same conclusion when they catch Olivia trying to leave town with Trey. Sara and Meg team up in an effort to trick Tim into revealing what he's been cooking up with Tess. Benjy wonders why his nanny bribed him to lie to his parents while Maria and Ben remind their confused young son that he must always tell them the truth. Amy is elated to think that Sean has begun to truly care for her even though the effects of the love potion wore off long ago. Tess maneuvers Ben and Maria ever closer in hopes that lightning will strike twice for the complicated couple. Sara suggests to Meg that Tim and Tess may be in cahoots with Maria.


A.J. rips into Olivia for not trusting or loving him enough to ask for help instead of going off half-cocked on some lunatic scheme to flee Sunset Beach with Trey in tow. Amy asks Sean to help her with a troublesome closet door. After accidentally knocking over a miniature musical Christmas tree, Sean inquires about the trinket and soon realizes that it was the source of some emotional pain for Amy. Tess asks Ben and Maria for a few days off from her duties with Benjy. Annie feels humiliated when she discovers she doesn't even have enough cash to pay for a take-out order at the Shock Wave. Though Tim warns her that the Cummings sisters are growing suspicious, Tess reminds her agitated partner in crime that they can't cash in until Maria and her hubby are once again a permanent item. Cole announces that he and Caitlin are taking off to enjoy some quality time alone together. Sean softens towards Amy after learning how neglected she was as a child. Maria cheers up a dejected Annie. Cole proposes to Caitlin.


Cole treats Caitlin to a romantic getaway in Santa Barbara, where he urges her to erase the mistakes of the past by marrying him again and making a fresh start. Gabi encourages her stone-faced husband to try some of the exercises his therapist suggested but Antonio's arrival pushes Ricardo's blood pressure up to the max yet again. Ben spots Meg working late at the Shock Wave and decides to stop in for a chat. Donning a white tux, Cole presents Caitlin with a beautiful gown and softens her heart with a fervent declaration of love. Ben tells Meg he accepts her decision to leave the Liberty Corporation. Alone with her bedridden brother, Maria is startled to hear Ricardo struggling to speak. Cole and a beaming Caitlin exchange vows during a symbolic wedding ceremony in their luxurious private suite. Maria promises Ricardo she'll return the next day for a private conversation out of Gabi's earshot.


During a teaching session on the Ten Commandments with the kids at the mission, Antonio is taken aback when one child asks what "coveting thy neighbor's wife" means. Meanwhile, a seething Ricardo plots to put an end to Gabi's treachery. Olivia is startled when Sean wonders aloud why his mother ever slept with Cole in the first place. Amy guesses that Brad has developed a crush on Emily. Agitated after reading trouble in her Tarot cards, Carmen warns Antonio that his brother's internal rage threatens someone's safety. Struggling to get the words out, Ricardo finally manages to convey to a rattled Maria that Gabi loves Antonio. Amy suggests to Brad that they both can benefit big time if Sean and Emily split up. Sean sheepishly confides to Cole how he fell into bed with Amy. Emily decides the time is right to start sleeping with Sean.


Caitlin makes it clear to Olivia that she won't be satisfied simply being a sister to Trey. Sean admits to Cole that he is still attracted to Amy even though he loves Emily. Meanwhile, Amy warns Emily that having sex with Sean would be the biggest mistake of her life. A giggling Gabi and Antonio indulge in a little horseplay with the hose as they begin to wash Ricardo's car. After giving voice to his suspicions, Ricardo realizes by Maria's reaction that she's known all along about their brother's secret. Brad overhears Cole advising Sean to come clean with Emily or risk losing her forever. A.J. confides to Bette that he's beginning to wonder if he and Olivia have any future together. Ricardo seethes inwardly to think that his entire family has conspired with Gabi against him. Afterwards, Gabi asks Ricardo why he's been talking to everyone except her. As her bedridden husband stares in silence, Gabi suddenly realizes that Ricardo hates her.

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