SEAN KANAN (Jude Cavanaugh) : He'll join the cast on August 26th as mystery man Jude, described as "a young man with a passion for women, making money and living life to its fullest.

SYDNEY PENNY (Meg Cummings) : Sydney Penny ) takes over as the new Meg Cummings during Susan Ward's hiatus. Her first airdate is in August.

BRETT STIMELY (Joshua Sloane) : Brett Stimely has been cast as Gregory's lawyer, Joshua Sloane, according to the Soap's spokesperson. He'll air for a few episodes, beginning July 22nd.


EDDIE CIBRIAN (Cole Deschanel) : Eddie Cibrian will be exiting Sunset Beach this fall. This role will not be recast. Cibrian has a role on the NBC primetime series 'Third Watch', set to debut this fall, his last airdate will be sometime in November.

SUSAN WARD (Meg Cummings) : Susan Ward (Meg) will exit Sunset Beach for at least 10 weeks this summer. Ward begins filming the teen thriller "In Crowd" sometime in August in Charleston, S.C.


SHERRI SAUM (Vanessa Hart) : Sherri Saum (Vanessa Hart), who has been cast on Showtime's BEGGARS AND CHOOSERS, won't leave before her contract expires. She will be doing double duty, just like Eddie Cibrian(Cole), until the New Year, when both of their contacts are up, insists a Beach rep. If the soap doesn't get picked up in October, it's a moot point.

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