Day & time: Mondays-Fridays on NBC (daytime; check local station for time)

Premiere: January 6, 1997

Executive producers: Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent and Gary Tomlin

Supervising producer: Lisa Hesser

Producer: Mary Kelly Weir

Coordinating producer: Susan Silkiss

Consulting producer: Jonathan Levin

Co-headwriters: Maggie DePriest, Chris Whitsell

Executive story consultant: Jim Reilly

Directors: Phideaux Xavier, Peter Brinckerhoff, Grant Johnson

Associate producers: Noel Grossman, Don Phillip Smith, Debbie O'Sullivan

Production designer: George Becket

Costume designer: Chic Gennarelli

Hairstylists: Kimberly Spiteri (head hairstylist), Brooks Stenstrom

Makeup artists: Gail Katz (key makeup artist), Jeanette Kordiak, Julie Cristi

Music: Dominic Messinger, Teri Smith, Mark Ryan

Produced by: Spelling Entertainment Inc. in association with NBC Studios

Origination: NBC Studio 11 in Burbank and on location throughout Southern California