The Legend of Sunset Beach

The small town of Sunset Beach isn't your basic run of the mill Southern California oceanfront community, although it would appear that way on the surface. A legend permeates the town's beaches, and gives this town its unique charm. Just take a trip to Elaine's Waffle Shop for a waffle and a scoop -- about the town Elaine calls home.

As legend has it, in the 1920's, a European aristocrat named Armando Deschanel thought he had found the love of his life. He dueled to the death for her, but his victory came with a price -- he was forced to flee his country. If that wasn't bad enough, Deschanel discovered that he had lost everything for a love that wasn't true. He found himself in America, on the shore of Sunset Beach. As he stared out into the Pacific, he wondered if he would ever find true love.

A beautiful woman dressed in black appeared, magically, by the water's edge and walked toward him. They fell in love as they watched the sunset together. Deschanel knew that it was this magical place that had brought love to him. He hadn't found love, it had found him. They married, and built a beachfront castle as a monument to their eternal love.

Eventually, a small beachfront community arose, inspired by the Deschanel castle. The legend promises everlasting love to those who meet at sunset on this beach. Although the castle no longer stands, the legend lives on in the town of Sunset Beach.

If you're intrigued by the Deschanel's, just go to Elaine's where the legend is alive in the photographs covering the walls and in the owner's many stories. Or, sneak a peek at Cole St. John, a new resident of the town who just happens to be Deschanel's grandson, and his spitting image. And if you've been burned one too many times in the game of love, maybe you should take a stroll down Sunset Beach. Hey, you never know....

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