Sunset Beach Spoilers! (Aug 23 - 27)

•Ben warns Casey not to hurt Meg.

•Sara corners Tim at the Shockwave where she tries to figure out what he and Tess are up to.

•Gabi is convinced that Ricardo knows about her affair with Antonio and therefore won't speak to her.

•Amy convinces Sean that to spare him more guilt she is moving to her aunt's.

•Sara tries to convince Ben that Tess and Tim are the ones who responsible for breaking up their relationships with Meg and Casey.

•Tim asks Tess if she is just using him or if she really loves him.

•Casey and Meg decide to bring their relationship back to friendly grounds.

•Sean and Amy both take responsibility after they end up in bed together again.

•Annie, who is extremely lonely, decides to dress up and go out...alone.

•Ben makes it clear to Maria that he doesn't want to let on to Tess that he is suspicious of her.

•Annie heads to The Deep convinced she can make her own fun.

•Caitlin is the only one who knows what Trey needs after he suffers a panic attack.

•Olivia is affected when she learns that AJ and Bette have arranged to go out without her.

•Jude (played by Sean Kanan) saves Annie from a would-be assailant.

•Maria comes to the Deep to bail Annie out.

•Meg tells Ben that she and Casey are not involved romantically.

•Olivia suggests to Cole that he take Caitlin on a long vacation after witnessing her daughter's distraught over losing Trey.

•Bette and AJ enjoy reminiscing about their past. That is until Olivia calls AJ on his cell phone.

•Maria gives Annie a thousand-dollar loan.

•Tess vows out loud that if Ben goes to Seattle he will be sorry.

•Caitlin is thrilled when her mother invites her on a shopping trip with Trey.

•Annie and Bette mend fences and restore their relationship.

•Sean, overcome with guilt surprises Emily with an expensive necklace.

Week of Aug. 30

•Annie tells Jude that he will be sorry he ever met her.

•Sean struggles with guilt and decides whether to tell Emily about sleeping with Amy.

•Meg and Sara join forces and plan to open a shop together.

Fall Preview

•Ben and Meg continue to remain apart, and he, Maria, and Benjy will go on a family vacation, that ends up with them fighting for their lives.

•There's a secret about Benjy, which even he doesn't know about yet, that will be revealed.

•In a roundabout way, Maria will finally remember her five missing years.

•Annie, Cole, and Olivia go looking for Gregory's uncle Tobias, who is the executor of Gregory's will. Tobias then comes to SB, to live with the Richards.

•Ricardo devises a plan to get revenge against Antonio and Gabi.

•Olivia's friendship with Bette, and her relationship with AJ, with be put to the test.

•Emily will suffer from a broken heart.

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