Test    your    Sunset    Beach    knowledge!!

1. What were Meg and Ben's internet names?

2. Who rescued Tiffany and her dog, Spike, from the beach?

3. Who was Vanessa investigating for the big news story that put her life in danger?
4. Who did Tim sleep with on his and Meg's wedding day?
5. What did Meg give Casey that caused him to have an allergic reaction?
6. When Cole came to Sunset Beach, what surname did he go by?
7. Where did Cole propose to Caitlin?
8. Who was Cole's best man at his wedding?
9. Who kidnapped Cole when he was baby?
10. Who seduced Cole at the constuction site where he worked?
11. Who was Derek's first murder victim on Terror Island?
12. How did Amy get on the island?
13. What soap opera did Virginia say she felt like she was on?
14. Who pretended to be stabbed to death before the murders took place?

15. Who found Jade's dead body?

16. Who were the original five people to move into Surf Central?
17. What did Ben set fire to in Maria's studio?
18. Who teamed with Michael to rescue Ben and Meg from the cave-in?
19. Whose grave did Elaine visit regularly?
20. What did Annie flush down the toilet after the reading of her dad's will?
21. What was the name of Cole's former fiancee (played by Finola Hughes)?
22. What was the real name of Jack Wagner's character, who told everyone he was Cole's friend, Jacques Dumont?
23. What was the name of the cop who arrested Ricardo for Gabi's rape?
24. What was the name of the doctor who Annie drugged?
25. What was the name of the woman - played by Miss USA Ali Landry - who appeared in Mark and Cole's dream fantasies?
26. What did Olivia do for a living before she married Gregory?
27. What's the name of the paper Vanessa works for?
28. Casey took computer classes to obtain a degree in what field?
29. Where did Sean work after leaving home?
30. Where did Rae go to work after she left Sunset Beach?

Trivia Answers
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