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Benedict  (Weapon Master of Amber)
   Eldest son of Oberon.  Tall, dour, thin, long strong
   jaw, hazel eyes, straight brown hair.  Wears orange,
   yellow and brown.  Symbol is a Sunflower.

   Flaming red hair, blue eyes, bearded, slight chin.
   Wears red and orange, mostly silk, lots of jewelry.
   Symbol is an open spell book.

Brand  (Supposedly dead, slain by Caine at Patternfall War)
   Green eyes, red hair, short beard, small.  Wears green.
   Possessed Werewindle, DaySword, burning blade of the
   Pattern.  Underwent the full ritual to become a Living
   Trump in the Keep of Four Worlds.  Symbol is a falling
   star in a starry background.

Caine  (Supposed to be dead, killed by Rinaldo/Luke)
   Swarthy, dark eyed.  Wears black and green.  Symbol is a
   sea-gull against a stormy night sky.

   Daughter of Oberon and the wife of the Begman Prime
   Minister, Kinta.  She now possesses the Jewel of
   Judgement (Left Eye of the Serpent) within her eye
   socket.  Is married to Rinaldo I, King of Kashfa.

Corwin (Carl Corey, Cordell Fennevall [in France])
   Green eyes, black hair.  Weighs about 200 lbs. and looks
   to be 30ish.  Wears black and silver.  Wields Grayswandir,
   NightBlade, the moon-sword of the Pattern.  Symbol is a
   silver rose.

   Blond hair, large, muscular-frame.  Wears black and
   green.  Sworn enemy of Amber because his mother was
   supposedly raped by Oberon while a prisoner.  Symbol is
   a heraldic lion rending a unicorn which he wears as a
   medallion around his neck.  Originally from Eregnor.

   Son of Oberon and Lora, has twin sister Sand.  Wears
   brown and black.  Left Amber long ago.  Dark blond hair
   and green eyes.

Deirdre  (Supposedly dead, dragged to the Abyss by Brand in
      the Patternfall War)
   Long black hair and blue eyes.  Dresses in black with
   silver.  Symbol is a crescent moon.  Wore black plate
   and fought with a battle-ax at the Patternfall war.

Eric  (Supposed to be dead, killed by Manticore while
       defending Amber and wearing the Jewel)
   Blue/black hair, beard, very handsome.  Wears red and
   black.  Symbol is a pair of crossed fencing swords in
   front of a full moon in a totally black sky.  His elite
   soldiers in Amber were called Weir and were shape-

Finndo (Supposedly killed in service to Amber)
   He supposedly died in the service of Amber shortly
   after Osric's demise.  Wears green and gold.

Fiona (Fi)
   Red hair, green eyes, pale complexion like mother of
   pearl, 5'2".  Wears green, lavender, purple.  Symbol is
   a white inverted pentacle with an inverted pentagram
   within it against a black background.

Florimel (Flora, Evelyn Flaumel)
   Golden hair, blue eyes.  Wears green and gray.  Symbol
   is a lotus flower in front of a partially eclipsed sun.
   Has several Irish Wolfhounds named Donder, Blitzen, etc.
   Drinks Irish Mist.  Used a bow at the Patternfall war.

Gerard  (Protector of the seas of the Golden Circle)
   Green eyes, black hair, big, fringe beard and light
   moustache, looks a lot like Corwin but bigger and with a
   heavier jaw.  Wears blue and gray with black.  Symbol is
   a chalice.  In the "Black Road War" his symbol is
   listed as a bronze, three-masted ship.

Julian  (Protector of the forests of Arden)
   Long dark hair, blue eyes, dour expression.  Wears
   scaled white enamel scale armor.  Colors are white and
   black. Symbol is a hunting hawk descending in attack.
   In the "Black Road War" his symbol is noted as being a

   Jade eyes with green hair/skin, typical Rebman
   complexion.  Dresses in gray and green with lavender.
   Lives in Rebma.  Symbol is a dolphin against a watery
   background.  Used a bow at the Patternfall war.

   Son of Random and Morganthe of Rebma.  He currently
   attires himself in punk rock clothing complete with a
   red-tinted mohawk and plays head-banger music.  His
   symbol is the radiation symbol of our shadow earth.

Merlin  (Merle Corey)
   Black hair, blue eyes, muscular.  Colors are gray and
   purple.  Trained in Sorcery and Trump Artistry in the
   Courts.  He has essayed the Logrus and Walked the
   Pattern.  He is now King in the Courts of Chaos.  His
   symbol is an upright pentacle of white within a dark
   circular background.  Currently wears one Spikkard and
   possesses a second one.  Son of Dara Sawall and Corwin.

Osric (Supposedly killed in battle)
   He killed three of the House of Karm in a vendetta.
   Osric is acquitted by Oberon at a hearing but is
   subsequently sent to the front lines in a nasty war and
   killed.  Wears silver and red.

Random  (Now King of Amber)
   5'6" 135 lbs. Straw-colored hair, sharp nose, small,
   laughing mouth. Wears orange, red, and brown.  His
   symbol is a small drum set with stick crossed above it.

Rinaldo (A.K.A. Lucas Raynard/Luke)
   Son of the traitor Brand and the sorceress Queen Jasra.
   He has undergone the minor power ritual in the Font of
   Power in the Keep of Four Worlds.  Now King of Kashfa.
   Symbol is a phoenix rising from a flame.  Wears green.
   Very familiar with the Courts since his mother was recruited
   from a nearby Shadow by Dara.

   Daughter of Oberon and Lora, has twin brother Delwin.
   Wears pale tan and dark brown.  Left Amber long ago.


Dworkin Barimen
   Small, 5' tall gnarled old hunchback.  He is the architect of
   the Great Pattern and of Amber itself.  It is said that he
   came from the Courts originally.  He is the father of Oberon
   and grandfather of all the other Amberites.  Drew the
   original Amber Family Trumps, inscribed the original Primal
   Pattern, transcribed the Book of the Unicorn.  His symbol is
   the Pattern itself.

Oberon  (Supposedly died re-drawing the Pattern during the
       Pattern Fall War)
   Father of the 'Elder' generation of Amberites.  Symbol
   is the five-sided Crown of Amber.

The Unicorn
   Matriarch of the Amberites, and their Goddess.  She and
   Dworkin conceived Oberon, the 1st Amberite.  Gave the
   Jewel of Judgement to Dworkin after 'acquiring' it from
   the Serpent of Chaos.  'Dictated' a book of religious
   lore called the Book of the Unicorn.


Amblerash, Lord Bances
   Distant relative of Swayvill and High Priest of the Serpent.

Chanicut, Prince Tubble (Thought to have fallen into the Pit at
                         Swayvill's funeral)
   Placid, heavy, subtle.  Centuries old and very shrewd.
   Fringe beard, wide and innocent eyes, master of many games.

Helgram, Lintra
   Hell-maid who Benedict spend some 'time' with.  She cut
   off Benedict's arm but is then killed by him.

Helgram, Suhuy (Master Of The Logrus)
   Master/Teacher of sorcery in the Courts.  He is the
   Uncle of Merlin, Mandor, Jurt, and Despil.  Quite old.

Hendrake, Duchess Belissa Minobee
   Current head of House Hendrake.

Hendrake, Lord Borel
   Master of Arms of the Ways of Hendrake.  Killed by Corwin
   during the Patternfall war through dirty fighting.  Said to
   have had two brothers as well as a half-brother and
   half-sister.  Son of Larsus and Belissa Minobee.

Hendrake, Chinaway (supposedly killed by Pattern Ghost of Gerard)
   Huge chaos warrior said to have a collection of over two hundred
   skulls of those he's dispatched.

Hendrake, Gilva
   Tall, dark-eyed shape-shifting female.

Hendrake, Duke (General) Larsus Minobee
   Slain by Julian in the Patternfall War.

   Sorceress of the Way of the Broken Pattern.  She is the
   mother of Rinaldo I, King of Kashfa, as well as being
   the ruler of the Keep of Four Worlds.  Former wife of
   Brand.  She was once a maid-companion of House Helgram and
   was taught Sorcery by Dara in Chaos.

Jesby, Prince Rolovians.
   Deceased head of House Jesby.

Jesby, Tmer (Said to have been killed by an assassin's dagger)
   Eldest son of the late Prince Rolovians.  Spade beard, heavy
   brow, sturdily built.

Sawall, Dara (Mistress Of The Logrus)
   Tall and thin with short brown hair and freckles, dark
   eyes.  Mother of Merlin, Jurt and Despil.  Wife of
   Rim-Duke Gramble Sawall.  She has essayed the Logrus
   and walked the Pattern.  Possibly the great
   grand-daughter of Benedict.  Father was of House
   Helgram, mother was of House Hendrake.  Symbol is
   a circle divided lengthwise, left side black and
   right side white.

Sawall, Despil
   Son of Sawall and Dara.  Middle child between Merlin and Jurt.

Sawall, Gramble
   Rim Duke of the Courts.  Father of Jurt, Despil, and
   Mandor.  Husband of Dara.  Stepfather of Merlin.

Sawall, Jurt
   Son of Sawall and Dara.  Once hunted Merlin with blood
   vengeance.  Has undergone the greater power ritual in
   the Font of Power in the Keep of Four Worlds.  He is
   now a Living Trump.

Sawall, Mandor
   Son of Sawall and Another.  Powerful sorcerer from the
   courts who uses metal balls as a foci.  Very dignified
   and regal.  Has white hair and distinguishing/noble
   characteristics.  Symbol is four squares of a
   chessboard, two black and two white, the white squares
   diagonal from each other and containing a black pawn in
   the upper left hand square and a black knight in the
   lower right hand square all contained within a circle.

Swayvil (Supposedly dead, died of old age/years of poisoning)
   King of the Courts of Chaos.  Said to have died of
   illness and old age.


Alice Roth
   Bill Roth's wife.

   Kashfan dupe for Random who he had on the throne.

Bill Roth
   Short, heavy, ruddy complexion with graying temples.
   Official lawyer of the crown, and resident of Shadow

Bill Roth Jr.
   One of Bill's sons who happens to have twin boys.

Captain Thoben
   A sailor in Amber's navy.

   Julian's date at Eric's coronation.

   Flora's swarthy, mole-flecked, Puerto Rican maid while
   on Shadow Earth.

Cordell Fennevall
   Corwin's name when he was an amnesiac in France.

   Probably the first wife of Oberon she was the mother of
   Benedict, Finndo, and Osric.

Dan Martinez  (Supposedly dead, killed by Luke)
   Man who the Ty'iga possessed and tried to kill Luke.

Deela the Desacratrix
   She is the mother of Dalt.  Supposedly raped by Oberon
   after he imprisoned her, she was notorious for burning
   the Unicorn Shrine at Begma.  She was killed leading her
   troops in battle against Amber after her escape.

   Old man-servant to the court of Amber.

Droppa Ma'Pantz
   Midget who is court jester to the throne of Amber.

   Mother of Flora she died in childbirth.

   She was a wife of Oberon and mother to Eric, Corwin and
   Deirdre.  Died in childbirth.

   Luke's girlfriend from Berkeley days.  Was possessed by the

   Once a trusted military man under Corwin he was exiled
   by Corwin in Shadow for betrayal.  Also, a pseudonym for
   Oberon as he travels with Corwin.

George Hansen
   Neighbor kid of Bill Roth's who the Ty'iga possessed.

   Shaggy-headed female serpent who was a childhood friend of

   Benedict's war horse with red and black striping.

   Demon servant of House Sawall.  Sent to bring Merlin back
   to the Courts for Swayvill's funeral.

   Another 'wife' of Oberon this just didn't work out and
   they separated by mutual consent; no record of divorce
   or annulment; no record of marriage either; peculiar
   since Oberon did for a time refer to her as his wife.
   No offspring are known from their 'marriage'.

   Bird (crow) of 'Ill Omen' who Corwin encountered in the
   'Borderlands' and was subsequently eaten by him.

James (Jamie)
   Guard who dispenses lanterns in the dungeon level of
   castle Amber.

Jaston  (Supposedly dead, fell from a balcony...)
   Deceased King of Kashfa before Rinaldo I.

   5'6", stooped, hard of hearing, wears a gray beard.  He
   is the lighthouse-keeper at Cabra (43 miles West of
   Amber).  He was captain of his own ship for 100 years
   "long ago".

   Merlin's girlfriend from Berkeley days on Shadow Earth.
   Later revealed to be Mask and to have trained under the
   sorceress Jasra.  At one time in control of the Keep of
   Four Worlds.

   Another childhood friend of Merlin, this one a true
   shape-shifter seldom in the same form or gender.

   Mother of Coral and wife of the Begman diplomat Orkuz.

   Chaosian friend of Merlin's killed by Corwin.

Sir Lancelot duLac (Lance)
   Knight of Avalon found nearly dead and saved by Corwin.

   Deity-like name invoked by Moire "Lir knows where his
   bones lie".

   Oberon married her in another Shadow while Rilga was
   still living at her Shrine.  Different time-streams,
   though, tricky to date.  She is the mother of Delwin and
   Sand, the twins.

Lord Bayle
   Minor noble of Amber, most noted as a vintner, maker of
   Bayle's Best and Bayle's Piss.

Lord Chantris
   Noble of Amber who was at the Patternfall War and
   witnessed the death of Brand and Deirdre.

Lord Feldane
   Noble of Amber who was at the Patternfall War and
   witnessed the death of Brand and Deirdre.

Lord Rein
   Noble of Amber who was an ally of Corwin during the

   Corwin's love-interest in the 'New Avalon'.

Meg Devlin
   Married woman who the Ty'iga possessed and slept with

Moins (Supposed to be dead, Old Queen of Rebma)
   She is the mother of Llewella and one-time ruler of
   Rebma during the 'old days' of Oberon's rule.

Moire  (Queen of Rebma)
   Sea-'elven' queen of the under water reflection of
   Amber, called Rebma.  She gave Corwin 'refuge' during
   the interregnum and allowed him to walk Rebma's Pattern
   to regain his memories.  She keeps the key to Rebma's
   Pattern with her.

   Daughter of Queen Moire of Rebma who fell in love with
   Random and later committed suicide when he left her.
   She is the mother of Martin.

   Julian's legendary war horse.  Trained to hate Corwin.

   Daughter of Orkuz, of the Begman delegation.  She was
   possessed by the Ty'iga prior to her death.  The Ty'iga
   now is trapped in this body.

Old John
   Mercenary soldier and emissary for Random to Kashfa.

   Begman diplomat sent to Amber to meet with Random about
   Eregnor and Kashfa.

   Mother of Random and Mirelle.  She was quite high-strung
   and ended up committing suicide.  She was most likely
   from our own Shadow Earth.  After her death Oberon had
   her body lain in State for 10 days as a memorial.

   Shadow girl Merlin played with as a child.  From Wildwood.

Rick Kinsky
   Julia's old boyfriend on Shadow Earth.

   She is the mother of Caine, Julian, and Gerard.  She
   aged more rapidly than most of Oberon's wives and
   finally retired to the Shrine of the Unicorn spending
   the rest of her days as a recluse.

   A guard in the dungeons of Amber near the Pattern Room.

   An Amber castle guard.

Scrof (Supposedly dead, killed by Merlin)
   Guardian set at the end of the 'wormhole' gate in
   Julia's apartment.

Sharu Garrul
   Shadow sorcerer who once controlled the Keep of Four
   Worlds.  Now is imprisoned as the 'Guardian of the

   Corwin's horse.

   Merlin's horse, black and orange striped.

Vialle  (Queen of Amber)
   5'1", slim, brunette, fine featured and soft spoken. She
   is the wife of Random she is the blind sculptress that
   he was forced to marry in Rebma but has since grown to
   love.  She is adept in the healing arts and has uncanny
   perception despite her disability (able to use Trumps).
   Her symbol is of crashing waves.

Victor Melman  (Supposedly dead, killed by Merlin with Primal
   Minor Shadow Sorcerer who tried to sacrifice Merlin.
   Trained by Jasra.

Vinta Bayle
   Caine's woman, daughter of Lord Bayle.

   An Amber castle guard.

   Sentient tree which marks the boundry between Amber and
   Chaos.  Planted by Oberon long ago a staff of it was used
   by Corwin when creating his Pattern.


   Area of the Courts of Chaos which is so violently chaotic
   that supposedly no corporeal beings can survive.  This is
   where Brand and Deirdre fell.

Arbor House
   Estate of Lord and Lady Bayle, nobles of Amber.

Arden Forest
   Primeval forest outside of Amber whre Julian and his
   Ranger's are known to patrol.

   Shadow where Corwin once ruled.  It was later destroyed in
   some way, but a Shadow of it came to be ruled by Benedict.

   Shadow where Bleys and Corwin recruited furry troops to aid
   in the seige upon Amber.

"Ballad of the Water Crossers"
   Amber merchant navy song attributed to Corwin.

   Port for the family Bayle.

   Major Kingdom in the Golden Circle.

Black Watch
   Protection set upon an individual by a House when a vendetta
   or other danger to them is imminent.

Bloody _______'s
   Restaurant in Death Alley where excellent seafood may be
   found.  The name changes often due to its proprietor's

Book of the Serpent Hung upon the Tree of Matter
   Bible of the Ways of the Serpent.

   Minor 'branches' of a major Way.  There are 8 byway
   residences to Sawall.

   Area of land 43 miles west of Amber.  A small island upon
   which stands a lighthouse.  Jopin, the ancient sea captain,
   dwells there and runs the lighthouse.

Cathedral of the Serpent
   Huge amphitheater with frozen fire banisters and other
   fire-furnished additions.  At the very edge of the Pit.

   Term used for time-keeping in the Courts.  Perhaps a 'month'?

   Jurt Sawall's personal residence in Chaos.

Death Alley
   Rough part of Amber city near the docks.

Dr. Bailey
   One of Corwin's doctors upon Shadow Earth.

Dr. Brandon Corey
   Alias of Brand upon Shadow Earth.

   Land which Kashfa and Begma have constantly warred over.

   Stairway leading down into Rebman, the underwater reflection
   of Amber.

Fire Gate
   A way-exchange in Shadow near the Courts.  High promontory
   of white stone beneath a black sky, beside a black sea.  Two
   semi-circles of pale flame form parentheses here.  At least
   14 towers out in Shadow can be seen and the shadow viels are
   so weak there that these may be walked to normally.

Fortress Gantu
   Jasra's personal residence in Chaos.

Greenwood Private Hospital
   Upstate, east-coast hospital where Corwin was being kept at
   the beginning of the Chronicles.

Grove of the Unicorn
   Green grove upon Kolvir where the Unicorn has been sighted.

Hall of Mirrors
   Seemingly divinatory area of Castle Amber which randomly
   appears to various individuals.

   Both Benedict and Martin and travelled to the trade city
   which seemed rather mexican in appearance.  Said to be where
   the Techys dwell.

Irish Wolfhounds
   There are 6 of these creatures which Flora owns, each named
   after one of Santa's reindeer.

   Capital of Kashfa.

Jones Falls
   Area where Benedict held off the Moonriders of Ghenesh.

   One of the major Kingdoms of the Golden Circle.

Keep Of Four Worlds
   Nexus of four elemental Shadows in collision.  Now guarded
   by Sharu Garrul this is where Brand undertook the ritual of
   Power which gave him the Living Trump ability.  Later, Jurt
   Sawall undertook a similar process.  The Keep is controlled
   by Jasra.

   Shadow of Avalon where Corwin met Ganelon and got the
   jeweler's rouge for his second attempt to gain Amber's
   throne.  Contained the fairy ring where the Black Road
   manifested itself.

   Residence of Mandor Sawall.  Said to contain vast labyrinths.

Maze Of Art
   This is within House Sawall.  A large, labyrinth-like
   collection of art gathered by Gramble.

Pit Of Chaos
   Area where crazed chaos bungee-jumpers dive in hopes of
   retrieving artifacts.  This area is inhabited by
   non-corporeal creatures such as the Ty'iga.

Plaza at the End of the World
   Concourse near the Pit of Chaos made of wide avenues and
   four large buildings.

Porter Sanitarium
   Place in Albany, NY where Corwin was placed under the care of
   Dr. Brandon Corey.

   Underwater reflection of Amber ruled by Queen Moire.

Red-Gold Serpent
   Symbol emblazoned upon the deceased Swayvill's clothing.

River Oisen
   Large river which borders the Vale of Garnath and runs
   through Arden and into the sea.

   Random's shadow which as a good place for jazz and gambling.

   Massive, glassy needle of Chaos where the King resides upon
   the very edge of the Abyss.

Tir-na Nog'th
   Amber's reflection in the sky.  Ghost-city of dreams and
   images it is only visible when the moonlight is upon it.
   Three steps carved from Kolvir are the only part which is
   solid during total darkness or in daylight.

   Term used for time-keeping in the Courts.  Refers to the
   color of sky.  Mentioned were Redsky, Whitesky (morning?),
   Bluesky (evening, supper?).  Seems to be divided into

Valley of Garnath
   A great, green vale south of Amber and east of Arden forest.
   It is bordered on its southern side by the river Oisen.  It
   is also visible from Cabra.

Way of the Serpent
   State religion of Chaos.

Ways of Anch
   Gramble Sawall's second stead at the very Rim.

   Shadow near the Courts where Merlin played in a cemetary as a
   child and met the girl Rhanda.


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