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1/30/99 - Hey! Amethist's buddy Lianne here. Since Amethist got her head stuck in the toilet while fishing for apples, she asked me to put something uproariously funny up here until the plumber arrives. And, since I have the PASSWORD TO GET INTO HER HOMEPAGE *insert maniacal laughter* I can do what I wish here. That's probably not a good idea. ^_^ At any rate, here's something new: A Tasuki Quote of the Week:


Now isn't that nice? That's Amethist's favorite. ^_^ I'll be back next week, and hopefully, so will Amethist. Bye!

As I promised with New Years's resolution, I will put up something crazy on my webpage every week. But before I do anything I like to tell about myself.

Name:Amethist Tomoe


Hobbies:To spontaneously explode and play mean jokes on people.

Petpeeves: to update webpages

Any questions's then send email's to

New Yearís Resolution

A diologue between Amethist and Lianne

Written By Amethist on Dec. 31,1998 11:19 pm

This text has some violent content and should not be done to you or your friends because it may hurt.

This year in 1998, we have seen Psycho Setsuna go into a great hiatus for the first quarter on. Well as my New Yearís resolution for 1999, I promise I will EAT CHOCOLATE UNTIL I PUKE!!!!!!

Lianne: Umm Amethist I think the fans want you to promise to finish up Psycho Setsuna not to eat to your heartís content. But arenít you supposed to promise to eat healthier for your resolution?

EEELLLLLL NO! I skinny and pole here. I just so upset that I couldnít get myself to eat even a pound of chocolate in one serving that I have to make it a promise this year. You see New Year is supposed to be an occasion where you eat and drink to your heartís content and then you sacrifice a teddy bear for a good year.

Lianne: I donít think itís like-

The point is that you can do anything during this celebration and not feel guilty during the next year, since hence next year will be another year full of crap. For example, I could stick dynamite into your pants and blow you to smitherines without one touch of guilt.

Lianne: Hey! Thatís offensive. Oh Yeah! Well I could, for example, throw you into a deep pit full of violent blood sucking moose with the protection of a piece of meat.

Hey now your getting it. See I can take a titanium crowbar and beat you silly with it without remorse.

Lianne: Amateur. I can stick you in a microwave and watch you explode into a bloody pulp and say cool with awe.


Lianne:Wait. Amethist, wait. I think we have gone far enough to scare the kids tonight why donít we goto sleep.


Lianne: But youíre already drunk.

Doh by mot.(no Iím not) For my new yearís resolution I shall or try to provide my loyal fans (a cat and a dog) a funny saying at least once a week (for example, Lianne stinks. HA HA HA) and I shall try to finish part nine in Psycho Setsuna. Happy New Year to all and to all a good eggnog. (Lianne {disppointed}:Amethist!!!)

Hey guys. Well you have heard that Lianne's Gandmother has died. Seriously (these are the few time I do get serious) we should honor her death because she was a great woman. I've heard quite a few stories about her from Lianne. She is a special woman. Also she is an aspect of what Lianne is. Also sorry about not finishing off setsuna9 I'm actually busy with alot of things such as homework and unrequited love. I hope he still loves me. August 16,1998


HEY FOLKS! Itsa me Amethist. I have one message to you about Psycho Setsuna: The turkey in the oven is done. Excellent. Lianne's in trouble now because she glued her head to her back. Now I have to hand feed her from now on or until the SKIN SURGERY. So Psycho Setsuna won't be in until later. Gomen nasai. But for now I give you the entertainment of: "Tuxedo Mask's New White Tux" Unfortunately this is actually a conglamerate of the original japanese and english comic pics I put together since Lianne tore it up into pieces like a dog, literally (bow wow). Well these pieces luckily were preserved and scan on to the computer. JA NE

Presenting to ya: Tuxedo Mask's New White Suit...

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