We Know God Always Cares

It happens to the best of us, the ups and downs of life.

The good the bad, the meek and mild, the envy and the strife.

When life on earth has come to pass and all we feel is fear,

There's a comfort that surrounds us, when we know God always cares.

It's written in the Bible, more than we comprehend,

That there's a better place for our little girl, a place that has no end.

A place where she can run and hide, a place to sing and share,

To hold the promise her parents knew, 'we know God always cares'.

Her stay was short but had much meaning, each breath she took gave hope,

We waited to the very end to send Alexis home.

And now with the love of a brother and sister, and parents who've learned to share,

That the promises of Heaven will ever remain when we know God always cares.

So in this time of grieving, and also, the rejoice of life,

We thank the Lord for his guidance, for showing us the light.

We've all grown closer to the will of God, though the cross still hard to bare,

But there's a comfort that surrounds us, when we know God always cares.

We thank you Lord, for the parents like ours, where Chris and Steph drew strength,

It's because of their love, their life, that we know it's Heaven's gain.

For Chris and Steph, life will go on, with Christopher and Kaitlyn,

We live in hope to see her someday, and for that we say, AMEN!

Dedicated in loving memory of ALexis Kimberly Kull, by her Uncle Ray, this 3rd day of April, 1998

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