To my child in Heaven,

     My little angel above me, what are you wearing today? Is it that white little dress with the golden belt, or is it the blue one that you have made?

Are you watching over Mommy today? You would be so proud, I did not shed one tear for you: though I miss when your not around.

     I looked up in the sky, with a giggle I had to laugh. I had a vision of you playing with the babies that had come to pass.

     Do you hear me when I talk to you, I wonder if you're busy? Maybe take an hour or two and blow me your sweet kisses?

     Do you play in the garden and pull out the roses? I hope you don't get a thorn! Oh I just remembered, God said He'd keep you safe from harm.

     Well, I know you must be busy, I just wanted you to know, I love you more with each new day, the closer I will be. Holding you in Heaven ~a perfect dream it will be.

Copyright Stephanie Kull, 1999

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