I will see you through

"I know it wasn't easy
for you to let her go
But love like yours
would not hold back
your love to suffer so.

And so I told her quickly
So she would never know
A lengthy time of darkness
that would distress her so.

I left her body here awhile,
So you could have some time
To be prepared to let her go...
She was already mine.

I bid her come while happy,
With joyous plans ahead...
And laughter in her face and heart
And not one thought of dread.

You have the most to suffer,
Your loneliness to bear,
But know that she is safe with Me,
with in my loving care.
And never doubt my love for you.
I know you wonder why...
Just know My strength will
be your joy,
My love will never die.

I bore my Sons' own suffering
And I will bear yours too
Give your doubts and pain and hurt,
And I will see you through."

~Author Unknown

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