Beckie & Tina's A Touch of Heaven

"Your site is a very beautiful tribute to a beautiful angel."
Thanks so much Beckie & Tina for giving our Angel's page her first award!

The Light Award from Home & Hearth
Get inspired with this page full of faith!

Recieved Sept. 8, 1998
Dear Stephanie, I was very touched by your tribute to Alexis and moved by your courage after such a tragic loss. Words are never enough to express one's feelings after viewing such a dedicated and loving site.
God Bless

Thank You Ben for all your kind words in your letter. I was touched and honored to receive your award.

Lil Angel Award

Your daughter is so made me cry to read your story...i'm usually ok with this well with dealing with the loss of two but and dont take this as a bad thing at all she looks a bit like my new little niece....It is with pleasure to award you with my award in memory of my two lil angels in heaven.

Rosie, Thanks so much for your beautiful award. I will cherish it just as you do, and I don't think its a bad thing, Alexis is beautiful. You are truly and inspiration. Thanks again.

recieved October 7, 1998
Dear Stephanie, It is an honor to send you my award, but I have a special one for our little angels that cannot be applied for. I hope you don't mind if I send it instead. God bless. Jan
Thanks Jan!

My poohaward is the award that my son William would like for me to give to you from him...he wishes to say thank you for loving special children stephanie and for saving lives with the gift of life Sherri

Thanks so much for this award, I know it's what she would have wanted.

   I am proud to present to you my Excellence Award in home page design! Your site is so moving, and is an incredible, loving tribute to your beautiful daughter.   ~Francie
Thank you for this award of excellence. I know your guardian angel is watching over you during this period of worriness. I wish you hope, love and health.

Recieved this award on March 5, 1999
You were nominated for this award for your pages for your little girl. In Loving Memory of Alexis has touched people in many ways. From sharing your grief to trying to teach about meningitis. What you have done is very special. Thank you and God Bless!
Secret Heart

I would like tp extend my thanks to the person that nominated this site. It means a great deal to me, so whoever you are, thanks so much!

You can nominate someone at this great site too!

These awards are just for you sweetie. During your short life, you have made me proud to be your mommy! Thank you for giving me the inspiration to create your beautiful page.
Always on my mind, Forever in my heart.
I love you. My Sweet Angel Alexis