A letter that I wrote for my little girl, and read it to her the night she passed away

My Dear sweet child,

     Although I can not understand why you are being taken from me so young, but I do know that in my heart you are going to be with God, your Father, and Jesus his son.

     It is so hard to let you go so soon. I will miss being your mother. I will miss seeing you become a beautiful lady. You are so blessed by God, and I am so blessed to have been able to meet you and be your mommy.

     I know there is something so special about you for God to want you to walk beside him in His wonderful Kingdom, where you will never feel the pains and sufferings here on earth. My sweet child you are so blessed.

     You know that your father and I have to make the biggest decision of our lives. Soon we will have to let you go onto a much better life. And be sure that we will meet you again to have eternal life with you.

     I will always have you in my heart and love you for the rest of my life. I will always miss the joys of you being my little Angel. I will always share our memories with the most precious people of our lives.

     I pray to you Lord that you keep her in your Kingdom in Heaven and that the two of your spirits always be with us.

I love you sweet Angel Alexis

                   Good bye but never forgotten,


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