Support links for families who have lost their loved ones

     I have found so many helpful links to support links on the web. Many have helped me grieve for my child. I have decided to add some links to possibly help others. Many of them have the story of my child in them. If you have lost a child, please consider telling your story. You may find that it will not only help you, but help others who have suffered a similar loss.

Support Links

My*Our Experiences
Ideal site for help with the loss of stillborn/neonatal loss.

The Compassionate Friends
support for infant death

loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss

Meningitis Foundation of America
information, stories, and emergency help!    Great site!!

Healing Hearts
infant/ toddler loss

poems about death of a child

Angel Babies Forever Loved. This is a wonderful support group filled with the most loving a caring friends. The best I know yet!

This page is dedicated to both my mother, and mother in-law who has given us nothing but strength and support during our time of grief. May this also help them in their time of need. I love you both so very much, I couldn't do it with out you both.

I have had many beautiful e-mails written to me. Special Thanks to you all. You have truly helped me ease the pain just a little. May God Bless you and come in your time of need.

When We Ask Why

God's purpose and plan
Is sometimes concealed,
But someday His purpose
Will be revealed.

Someday God's wisdom
Will make it very plain
Why problems were permitted
And how He uses pain.

Things thought illogical-
Disease, tragedy, fear-
Will someday make sense
When God makes all things clear.

We'll see the Lord's purpose
From the Lord's point of view,
And we'll know the answers
In ways we never knew.

Until we're home with God
Some answers must wait
Until His plan unfolds
We'll live and walk by faith

Perry Tanksley
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