Alexandra Anderson
Born asleep on August 29, 1997.

David Michael Anderson II
Born/Died on September 18, 1998
Safe in the arms of Jesus...never to hurt or suffer again. Baby, we miss you so much!
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Hannah Babcock
Died 7 minutes after birth from a blood disease.

Billy Jo
Died at 10 weeks. Victim of meningicoccal meningits.

Noel Alexis
Miscarried December 26/27 1994.

Chad Harms
Died July 12, 1997. Victim of meningitis.

Jonathan Francis Kerr
Born May 6, 1997 heavendate May 6, 1997.
With us only hours, in our hearts for ever - Until we see you again - Love Mummy, Daddy and Jordyn

Darrell Keith Taylor
Born June 15, 1962
Returned to Heaven June 15, 1962

Melody Joy Taylor
Born June 23, 1963
Born into Heaven June 23, 1963.

Sabreena Maree
A precious twin granddaughter, born Thanksgiving day, November 26, 1998. Flew back to Heaven on January 11, 1999. She was a healthy baby girl, 47 days old, until she was taken by SIDS.

Brian Joseph Macaluso
Born August 4, 1998 returned too soon to Heaven on August 29, 1998. Parents of this precious baby boy is Maria Macaluso and Raymond Macaluso   

Michael Gabriel Petttit
Conceived June 22 1999. Heaven date August 1 1999.  

Bambi Jo Smith
Born Jan. 15 1967. Welcomed into Heaven Jan. 29 1967.

Michelle Marie Jordison
Born March 31, 1999. Went to heaven March 31, 1999.

Kristopher Damien Simpson
(Topper and Friends)
Born Dec.11 1980. Went to heaven Dec. 11 1980.