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Rupert Giles

Buffy’s new watcher, played by British actor Anthony Stewart Head. He goes by Giles to everyone except Ms. Calendar, who calls him Rupert. He teaches Buffy how to fight, keeps track of the creatures that attack her and give her friendly moral support when needed.

He can read and speak nine different languages, therefore, he can read the ancient texts to find out what to exspect of the creatures Buffy will meet. The most noteable text that he found pertenant information in was the Pagamon Codex, which Angel retrieve for him. It told of the Slayers down-fall, and the Masters rising.

Giles is rather shy, actually terrified, of computers, so Willow did the online research first season. Hopefully Ms. Calendar will be official joining the team next season, now that she knows who and what they are.

Miss Calendar

Sunnydale Highs Computer Science teacher, and Techno-pagean. She has a group of people who help her keep the net clean, and surf for bad news. She helped Giles cast the demon Moluck the Curruptor out the Internet, in the episode “I Robot, You Jane”.

She reappeared in the season finale “Prophecy Girl”. This time the stakes where high and Giles told her who Buffy was and asked her to help them beat the Master. She was recieving globals from a Brother Loogo about the Anointed One and the prophecy Giles had found in the Codex.

It would seem, from the finale that Ms Calendar likes Giles. She was adiment about knowing the story on the weird stuff happening. She kept at it until she got the whole story, and when Buffy knocked Giles out, she looked more then casually worried.

She has great hair and a cool fashion sence. I think that she will make a good addition to the new season. The fans most like her or why would they have brought her back for a second show and told her everything. It’s an unwritten rule that once you find out the truth, you join the fight.

Willow Rosenberg

Buffy’s closest girlfriend, played by Alyson Hannigan. She is the hacker of the group, getting into the local Morgues computer, the student and sub-teacher school lists, and hacking the city main computer for layout planes of the sewer system.

She has been in love with Xander for as long as she can remember. As Buffy said, she is so hyper-aware og him that she knows his health, his mood, and his blood pressure. However, Willow fell in love once this season, with a demon she scanned out of a book onto the Net, in the first episode we saw Ms. Calendar in, “I Robot, You Jane”.

Xander Harris

Buffy’s friend and admirer, played by Nicholas Brendon. The first of Buffy’s friend to find out about her. He was in the Library when Buffy confronted Giles the second time about not wanting to be the Slayer.

He and Willow dated for a while when they were five, but split up because he stole her Barbie. He is great friends with Willow and knows how she feels about him, but doesn’t feel that way about her.

Cordelia Chase

The most popular, and stuck up girl in school, played by Charisma Carpenter. She made friends with Buffy in the series premier, but they parted because Buffy started hanging out with Willow and Xander, and she attacked her at the Bronze.

Cordelia has always been an annoyence to the four-some, but when an invisible girl was stocking her in the episode “Invisible Girl”, they helped her. In return for helping her, she worked with them in the finale to beat the Master, after her boyfriend was killed by vampires.

Cordelia reminds Buffy of herself in Los Angelos. She was a cheerleader, the most popular girl, and May Queen, like Cordelia here. Buffy sympathises with Cordelia’s pain of being alone, because she felt it in LA too.


Cordelia’s best friend, and the second most popular and annoying girl in school. She agrees with everything Cordelia says and they never apart for more then five mintes. Other then that we don’t know much about Harmony.

The Master

Buffy’s nemisis in the first season, played by Mark Metcalf. The local Vampire King, and the oldest vampire on record. We first met him in premier “Welcome To The Hellmouth” when he used Luke as the Vessle to gather fresh blood for him to gain strength and break free. Buffy killed him in the finale.


Angel’s creator, and the Master’s heir, the local Vampire Princess. She was to rule the Earth for a thousand years when the demons rose the Hellmouth. She framed Angel so Buffy would try to kill him, but it backfired and Angel killed her to safe Buffy.

The Master was crushed when she died, because she was his favorite. The Annointed One consoled him.

The Annointed One

Following the prophecy, that from the death of five will come the Annointed, the Slayer will not know him, she will knot stop him and he will lead her into Hell.

His human name is Colin, and he was brought to the Master after a bus accident, in the episode “Never Kill A Boy On The First Date”. But surprise didn’t work becasue Buffy learned that the Annointed was a kid and was expecting him. He still lead her to the Master, as survived. He is played by Andrew J. Ferchland.

Mrs. Summers

Ok, I know that it isn’t much but we don’t know very much about Buffy’s mom. Hopefully, Joss will let us in on some cool bits this season.

So what we know is that Mrs. Summers and Mr. Summers we divorced or separated a little while ago. He stills takes Buffy on weekends and keeps in contact. Mom said they “just stopped getting along” (quote from “Nightmares”).

Mrs. Summers is the owner of an art museum that is open through the week and on weekends. She is very busy with this and doesn’t have a lot of time for Buffy. Likely why she never seems to say anything about Buffy being out late Slaying vampires, (but she doesn’t know that).

Mrs. Summers has come to the conclusion, “I just don’t get it”. She doesn’t get Buffy because she’s not 16 too. When Buffy asked if she would ever wished to be 16 again, she replied:

“And go through all that again? Not even if it would help me understand you.” (both quotes from “The Witch”)

Mom bought Buffy a really pretty dress she had been eyeing for a while to wear to Springfling. She told Buffy the story of how she met her father at College.

Quotes from Prophecy Girl:

Mom: Probably full from that bite of dinner you almost had.

Buffy: Mom we can’t afford this. Mom: The way you’ve been eating we can afford it.

Mom: That is a much more interesting story you will not get to hear.

Mom: But it was a beautiful night. Buffy: You had your whole life ahead of you. Must be nice.

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