Alright a Quiz You're saying it I know you are.

This quiz is in two parts. One that has fairly easy questions, and one that the more avid viewers might find challenging.

For the Easy Quiz, I put in stuff of common knowledge, and a little common sense but the Hard one I went through my tapes and got everything right from the shows. You can do both, if you donít know a couple of questions, skip them.

Easy Quiz Here now =)

Hard Quiz Still Coming ! ! ! !

I will post who got the highest scores as a reward, but thatís the only reward. This is just to test your knowledge and have some fun.

So donít forget to give all the info like name, E-mail address if you want and Site address if you have one, so I can credit you.

This is the Easy Quiz

Try to get these without looking on other pages. Any self-respecting fan should know this stuff by heart anyway.

1. What are all of the main characters full names? First and last names.

2. What are Angelís favorite colors?

3. Who is Willow in love with?

4. Who is the Computer Science teacher?

5. What were both school principles names?

6. Who was Angelís creator?

7. What was the Vesselís name?

8. What class does Buffy, think is boring and she hates?

9. Where did Buffy move to Sunnydale from?

10. How old is Angel. So what year did he become a vampire?

11. Where did the Hellmouth surface?

12. How did the Master kill Buffy?

13. What is the Anointed Oneís name?

14. Where does the Master live and all normal vampires live?

15. How many episodes has Angel been in?

Thatís all for now, how did you do. E-mail me the answers. When I get a few answers Iíll start posting names.