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Ruang Ronin
Prison Letters
Anwar's Mail
Bahasa Melayu
Invitation to a Malaysian People's Internet Conference
Mohtar the Gofer
In a statement released from prison, Anwar calls Mohtar Abdullah "the most repulsive attorney-general in Malaysian history, one who would pawn principles and the dignity of his office for mere self interest."
Anwar dissatisfied with commission's report
Important issues are not dealt with in the report of the royal commission which inquired into  Anwar's injuries, the Reformasi leader says from prison.
A stinking judgment
In this stirring speech, Anwar tells Judge Augustine Paul to his face that he has sold his soul for a pittance.
You aren't alone, Azizah
Senator Blas Ople of the Philippines welcomes Azizah to Manila with a tribute to Anwar,   who he says is on the right side of history.
Remembering Rizal
The text of Wan Azizah's acceptance speech at the Women of Malolos award ceremony.
Tell the truth, says Chandra Muzaffar
The National Justice Party's deputy president says Mahathir and his deputy must explain to Malaysians why police brutality is being tolerated.