for webtv beginners

This page is meant to be a html help page for those who are starting out on webtv. If you are on a computer, click here. On most topics, i do not go into depth. There are many newsgroups to help you with further questions concerning html coding once you have learned the basics, or if you do not understand some of the codes on this page. I have recently opened my new advanced help page for webtv users. If you are already familiar with the basics of html, click here to view it.

Below is a table of contents to help on different subjects. I recommend that each page be viewed in order. Please search thoroughly for your answer before emailing me. Enjoy.

Page me with your questions

What is HTML?
Where do I put my html codes?
Examples of different codes
Examples of different links
How do I align images using simple tables?
Where do I make banners?
Put my banner on your email
Transloader Help
Put voice on your page
Apollo's Validator
Apply for the Apollo HTML Award

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