Hi , I'm Arachne.
If you have followed any of my links here,
you already know that.
If you came from somewhere else,
Stephen King is my most favorite author ever.
I've read & re-read all his books. I *think* I have
all of them, (most of them twice, just in case) but,
just to be sure, I am in the Stephen King Library,
and get a new one each month.
I'm not gonna go on & on (although I could)
just going to get right to the good stuff. *s*

The Novels

Carrie 'Salems Lot
The Shining The Stand
The Dead Zone Firestarter
Cujo Christine
Pet Sematary Cycle of the Werewolf
Misery It
The Dark Tower:
The Gunslinger
The Dark Tower II:
The Drawing of the Three
The Dark Tower III:
The Waste Lands
The Dark Tower IV:
Wizard and Glass
Eyes of the Dragon The Tommyknockers
The Dark Half Needful Things
Gerald's Game Dolores Claiborne
Insomnia Rose Madder
The Green Mile The Talisman
Desperation Bag Of Bones
Storm Of The Century The Girl Who Loved
Tom Gordon

As Richard Bachman

Rage The Long Walk
Roadwork The Running Man
Thinner The Regulators


Night Shift Different Seasons
Skeleton Crew Four Past Midnight
Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Stephen King Bio The Bio
Stephen King

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Note from Arachne!
I do not have all the individual pages up,
for each book.(or even all the info for each
book on the pages I do have up)
Eventually I hope too, but
it does take a lot of time, and I am doing it
as quickly as possible.

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