Rotary Facts and Figures as of April 30, 1996

Rotarians: 1,188,172
Clubs: 28,018
Districts: 515
Countries: 154
New Clubs Since July 1, 1995: 558
Clubs: 5,516
Members: 128,168
Countries: 117
Clubs: 4,244
Members: 97,612
Countries: 83
Rotary Village Corps*
Corps: 1,964
Countries: 47

Number of Polio Free Countries:

*Note: The Rotary Village Corps (RVCs) program, which includes Rotary Community Corps (RCCs), was started in 1986 to mobilize local populations to improve their areas. RVCs primarily address the needs of rural communities, while RCCs respond to urban concerns. For information on starting a corps, contact Jennifer Johnson in The R.I. Programs department at (847) 866-3296.

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