A day in the life of a Basketball freak.

By Ashley (Me) July 27, 2000
Wellits another glumy day outside.I have a summer league game today.Today will be the last summer league game for me because of other basketball obligations.I usually go to the Park or school to shoot around before I go to my game,but I didn't today.I would have gone to the school,but I'm affraid I'll get made fun of.When kids ride there bikes to the school or down the street I can hear them call me names like basketball freak.They also stare at me like I'm not like anyother normal person.If there with a friend, they tell them I'm a odsessed about basketball.Then another time I was walking home from a shoot around at school there were a bunch of High Schoolers driving by.They probabaly knew that I go to the school alot to play basketball and they started honking their horn at me and making fun of me. I guess they were just driving around the block because they did that two times to me.The third time I was able to avoid/hide from them.After that I never wanted to go back there,but my Dad a few days latter drove me back to the school to play basketball with him.(Which is kind of embarrising sometimes because my dad isn't really that good and not a lot of girls my age play b-ball with there dad as much as me)A lot of kids think that basketball is all what I think about,talk about and do.Well actually no. I hardly talk about basketball to my friends,unless they play basketball too.Plus I do other things like play the violin.In fact I a lesson today with my violin teacher also like other sports like soccer.Plus I skateboard.(Well actually I haven't skated in a long time.