Scary...isn't it?

For the past couple of years I've been reading and writing fan fiction. Since I spend so much time reading and writing it, I decided it was high time I put all my fan fiction at one spot and gave links to my favorite fan fiction archives.

Probably later on I'll also link fan fiction archives that I don't post to, but for now it will just be those that I send my fan fiction to.

This is going to be a short forward for the reason of temporary insanity (Don't believe that? Good, you're a smart person then. The real reason is I have nothing really to say except read my fan fiction and e-mail me with what you think, but who wants to say something like that?)

Begun: June 22, 1997

have at least THOUGHT about reading my fan fiction.

my fan fiction

SWAT Kats Book List
Due to the volume of SWAT Kats stories I write, I linked them all to THIS page...
The Snow Angel ~ X-Files
After a snow storm in Virginia, a young Jane Doe is found in a tourist cabin, mute with no memory of how she got there but claiming that she was attacked by a monster.
Near You Always ~ X-Files
Scully's thoughts parallel Jewel's song.
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fan fiction archives

The SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive
I highly recommend this site. I'm positive that some of the best fan fiction comes to this site.
Sci-Fi Central
Choose from two types of fan fiction, mythology or science fiction.
Tom's Xena Page
The best Xena fan fiction always winds up here.
The Gossamer Project
The best X-Files fan fiction always comes here. Try K. Lietz.