I just read that dinah mohajer is going to be the beauty
editor for a new mag called nylon.The first issue is set
for march!

New Sonic Glosses!

Hard Candy's site now open

          By now I am sure most of you know the
     story about how Hard Candy came to be. Young
     medical student Dineh Mohajer wanted a funky
     blue polish to match a pair of sandals..she
     found it with the help of some of her friends
     in the chemistry department, she mixed her
     own. Dineh's sister, Pooneh, thought she
     was on to something, so Dineh bottled some
     and brought them to funky salon Fred Segals,
     where she happened to work. The bottles
     sold as fast as she could manufacture them.
           With help from her family and friends
     a business was born. Before, there were 
     only staple pinks, browns and reds upon the
     shelves. Now you can find just about any
     shade you can imagine.

          The Original Six. Violet, Sky, Mint,
     Sunshine, Peachy and Bubble Gum. These
     bottles are the original bottles dating
     back to 95. Look at how mung they are.
     Bubble Gum however, is a new bottle of
     it. That and they've been reconstituted
     with clear polish over the years, before
     I gave in and bought new ones.

          These bottles took what seems like
     months to arrive. The original polish
     formula was thick and chalky, but one
     dry ultra foxy nonetheless.

New Fall Shades

Melt (Gold glitter>), Normal (Burgandy)and Hype (Metallic brown).

Is it me or does Melt remind you of Gangsta Booty?


          Love polish, some of the proceeds go to
      the American Foundation for Aids Research.
      It is a white based polish with a gold sheen.

          The first "catalogue" was a series of
     postcards. Like these two. This one, was
     all of the polishes to date then,(winter 96)
     including the holiday ones.

         Christmas Polishes from the 96 season, from
    left to right..Seasonal Psychosis , Jingle Balls,
    Sexy Santa, Holiday Homicide, Grin & Icky Eggnog.
    Also a Christmas polish Gangsta Booty.

Spring Line Polishes.

          The Spring Line, from left to right
     Cosmic (Pink w/silver glitter), Hick (blue
     w/silver glitter), Galaxy (black w/silver
     and round black glitters).

Lip Cubes

          Lip Cubes (around $12.00 US), come
     in five shades ranging from blue to pink.
     The gloss is thick and glittery, soft on
     lips....Best part being it tastes and 
     smells like cake batter.

          Candy Man, Hard Candy's line of men's 
     nailpolish developed with Dineh Mohajer's
     boyfriend Ben. The polishes from left to
     right are Dog, Oedipus, Superfly (aka
     Superman), Gigolo, Cowboy, Libido, and 
     Testosterone. Supposedly more Candy Man
     polishes are being developed.

          Highball Nail Gloss, marked as
      being made and distributed by Hard
      Candy. I bought these at Urban 
      Outfitters in spring '96. Applied
      they are more of a gloss than a 
      flat lacquer.

          Cyber Glitter Eye Pencil. Brilliant 
       liners infused with glitter. Can be
       applied thickly or smoothed with the
       brush on opposite end of wand. Also
       comes with a glitter sharpener. The
       pencils are available in Cyber (Black
       w/silver glitter), Hyper (Brown w/gold
       glitter), Pink Eye (Pink w/silver),
       Sky (Light Blue w/silver), Haze (lilac
       w/silver) and Trailer Trash (grey w/
       silver). These run about $18.00 US.