The International Space Station, Slated to be built in Earth's orbit in the latter parts of this year is a fascinating undertaking by 18 major international partners. Among these are: The European Space Agency (ESA), NASA, PKA (Russia), NASDA(Japan), and a few others.

(This page will be updated as I take notes on the NASA Johnson Space Center Tour.) :) Here are some pictures of the station.....


Some stats about the Freedom

  • The Freedom will be built in stages, on many space walks.
  • There are 17 modules, and they will be packed with top of the line equipment specially made for the Freedom.
  • The Main arm of the Station will be longer than a football field, and the entire stationm, when completed...will weigh more than 1,000,00 pounds.
  • The Station will be powered by over an acre of Solar panels.
    image 98_01358.jpg (3732 bytes) This picture shows the new arm for the International Space Station
    image s97_10536.jpg (7518 bytes) The International Space Station orbiting Earth at 223 miles up...Quite a majestic view....isnt it?
    image s97_10537.jpg (7456 bytes) A Not-so-majestic view of the Freedom.
    image s97_10539.jpg (5075 bytes) Sunrise.....From the Freedom.