Greetings, and welcome to my Reign of destruction :) I am Rubicant...and I will be your guide through this wonderful world of my imagination.

A bit about me

My name is Rubicant, and I am the mastermind for over a hundred characters in the IRC Chat server known as the Dominion. ( port 6667) I am a participating member in the Dominion Simmer's alliance, and responsible for over 140 characters, good and evil, in the role playing games that we do I can generally be found in #BotTestLab on the Dominion IRC Server. If you feel lucky, go here: The Dominion Java chat server :) Or...If you want to be happy and content..Go here: Get mIRC, the world's greatest chat client!

I am Rubicant, the Fire Fiend. I have a power over the elemental force of fire, and many other powers....heres a descripton:


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Thanks to my friend Vlad The Impailer for the use of his graphics....(Sorry Vlad...)
Links....(this ones about a par 5)
Space Station My Tribute to the Space Station Freedom

You have all been good friends. but read this to see why this has happened.