Inspirational Lyrics By Barbara Rogers

Inspirational Lyrics By:
Barbara Rogers

I would like to dedicate my web site to the memory of my dear parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan. Dad went to be with Jesus in July of '87. Mom departed this life in March of '92. Although my heart was broken when I said good-bye to them, I know I have not lost them, because I know where they are! They're safe in the arms of Jesus, and some day, we will be reunited, because He promised in John 14:2:" I go to prepare a place for you." Untill that great reunion day, I will make it my goal to serve Jesus, and to show His love to others, the way Mom and Dad taught me to do.

Good News From Heaven

There's a bridge seperating earth from eternity. I'll cross it some day, when Jesus calls for me. In a dream, I stood on the bridge, and saw my Mom last night. She said, "There's good news from Heaven, everything is all right. There's no more trouble and pain, like I suffered there. No more heartache and sorrow, will I ever have to bear. I'll never be terminally ill, or handicapped again. And, no more money for medication, will I ever spend. Jesus gave me a new body when I entered here. He placed a robe of white around me,and wiped away every tear." She said, "For the saved there is no death, only eternal life. Good news from heaven, there's no more sin and strife." Her face looked so happy, radiant, and serene. She said, "I'm with Dad, but also with my King." She told me not to be sad, or weep for her anymore "For, I'll be safe and happy forever, on this Golden Shore." I can't explain the tranquillity that I could see Standing on the bridge, as Mother gave good news to me I went to the bridge, but wasn't allowed to cross. Mother said, "You must wait, go and win the lost. You must deliver the message that I have for you. Tell all our friends and loved ones to meet us up here too." With this good news Mother gave me, came a sense of relief. Mom and Dad are happy, and Heaven's beyond belief. It was so good to see her, looking so young and so fair. When I realized it was a dream, I wanted to go there. I know it'll be worth every mile my weary feet have trod When I cross that bridge, safe in the arms of God. There's good news from Heaven, Mom and Dad are okay. And when I reach that spiritual realm, I'll meet them on that day. Copyright 1996

A Place Called Heaven
There's a place called Heaven, and it's waiting for me.And some day the glories of this city I'll see. It's walls are of Jasper, and it's streets are of gold. Oh,the antisipation now thrills my soul. Some day we'll reach it, when the long night is o'er. Eternal dawn will come on Heaven's shore.There friends and loved ones wait for us to come home.By the crystal river flowing by the throne. We'll look upon His face, and hear Him say well done. When this race is over, and victory is won.There's a place called Heaven, and it's waiting for me. And some day the glories of this city I'll see. There burdens are lifted, and souls set free. In this land He's preparing for you and me. There's a tree of life, and it's forever in bloom. Paradise with Jesus will despel all gloom. When we reach Heaven, what a glorious day. All our pain and sorrow will vanish away. Soon we'll see Jesus, at the setting of sun. Eternal rest at last will come. There's a place called Heaven, and it's waiting for me. And some day the glories of this city I'll see. When God calls from Heaven for you and for me. Safe in our Saviour's arms forever we'll be. Copyright 1996

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