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What is The Creative Coalition?

The Creative Coalition (TCC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of professionals from the arts and entertainment communities. TCC is committed to educating its members and the public regarding specific social and political issues and supporting effective ways of dealing with these issues.
Who belongs to TCC?

People whose careers are related to the arts or entertainment fields. Actors. Writers. Attorneys. Designers. Journalists. Directors. Agents. Casting Directors. Producers. Publicists. Our members are influential members of organizations including Actors Equity, the American Bar Association, The Directors Guild, The Screen Actors Guild, The Writers Guild, PEN and The Dramatists Guild.
Why TCC?

Our ability to communicate persuasively gives us enormous power to rally the community. We must be informed. We must be active. We have unique access to the media. We can persuasively shape a message.
What does TCC do?

We meet. We listen to experts. We debate. We get briefed. We prepare ourselves to persuade others. We educate the public, and motivate them to act.
Does TCC have any political agenda?

We're non-partisan, with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. TCC does not endorse candidates for office or take an active role in political campaigns, however, we do take stands on many of the important issues of the day.
How can I find out more about TCC?

Call our information line in New York: (212) 512-5501. Annual dues are $200 for an individual membership or $300 for couples.


In 1989, a small group of well-known actors, writers, directors and other arts professionals banded together under the leadership of Ron Silver to form The Creative Coalition (TCC). Today, with approximately 200 members, TCC is recognized as a persuasive advocate for important social and political causes, promoting effective and positive dialogue on contemporary issues that concern us all. Headed by President William Baldwin and with a membership representing a broad range of the arts and entertainment industry, the New York-based Coalition is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to educating its membership and the public about these issues and motivating them to act.

The TCC Board identifies the issues which will be the focus of TCC's efforts for one year. TCC has become an important and vocal advocate on issues as diverse as arts advocacy, First Amendment rights, campaign finance reform, the environment, gun control, youth outreach and education, health care reform and reproductive rights.

Specific actions have included:


Since its inception, TCC has been a prominent advocate for federal funding of the arts. Board members have met with leading members of the House and Senate and have appeared on national television and radio programs - including Crossfire, Equal Time, Good Morning America, John McLaughlin One on One, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and CBS This Morning - to promote public and legislative support for the NEA and the NEH. In 1997, TCC Board members and Executive Director held meetings with House Speaker Newt Gingrich, House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, Representatives Mark Foley and Louise Slaughter, and Senators Ted Kennedy and Kay Bailey Hutchinson among others, to discuss the future of the National Endowment for Arts. The group was also invited to the White House to meet with President Clinton to discuss the agency. In addition, Alec Baldwin, TCC's former President, testified on behalf of the NEA in a joint hearing before two Subcommittees of the House Committee of the Education and the Workforce. Arts Advocacy remains at the heart of TCC's mission.


On November 17, 1997, The Creative Coalition hosted Seconding the First. This event was a celebration of our First Amendment rights featuring readings, performances and multimedia presentations by many of this country's great artists and First Amendment advocates.


Campaign finance reform has become a core issue of The Creative Coalition. TCC believes money and its influence on the political system represents one of the most significant threats to our democratic process today. The time is here for sweeping reform in the American system of funding political campaigns, and the implication of reform is no less than the restoration of our democratic process and equal access for all Americans. In the past year alone, TCC has sponsored numerous educational forums across the country - in Chicago, San Diego and New York - examining campaign finance reform and current reform efforts. TCC's Conventions '96 brought the debate Money & Politics: Are Dollars Buying Democracy? to the host cities of the Republican and Democratic national political conventions. Leading authorities have come to New York to debate and discuss campaign finance reform with TCC members and guests. Participants in TCC's panels have included former Governor Ann Richards, Senator Bill Bradley, James Carville, former Governor Mario Cuomo, Senators Russell Feingold and Paul Wellstone, Representative Christopher Shays, Ann McBride, Ira Glasser and Fred Wertheimer. In October 1998, TCC led 250 volunteers to Massachusetts on a one-day signature drive to help that state place a Clean Money/Clean Elections initiative on the November 1998 ballot. TCC's group alone collected over 8000 signatures, playing an integral part of the successful drive to collect and certify 100,000 signatures.


TCC developed two long-term environmental campaigns which reached successful conclusions. Several actions - including ad campaigns and a rally in NYC - resulted in the city committing well over a billion dollars to the preservation of New York City's water supply over the next five years, and to the conversion of three of the city's bus depots from diesel fuel to natural gas.


In addition to campaign finance reform, two other issues were debated at the national political conventions in 1996. In San Diego, TCC's debate The Politics of Abortion was the only forum available for Republican leaders to discuss the volatile issue of abortion. Then-Governor Bill Weld and Senator Arlen Specter were among those debating. In Chicago, Democrats discussed What Is the Responsibility of the Entertainment Industry to Not Offend Its Audience? Participants included Steven Bochco, Chuck D and Frank Rich. All events received extensive media coverage.


- "In the Mix": screening of series episode about teen dating violence, followed by open discussion with New York City teenagers and TCC members.
- "Without Pity": film narrated by Christopher Reeve; screening and reception hosted by Alec Baldwin.
- Gun Control PSA produced by TCC members and narrated by Alec Baldwin.
- A reading of "The Shadow Box" in Tucson, AZ by TCC celebrity members and friends. The play was banned by a local high school and a drama teacher was forced to resign after assigning the play. TCC's performance made national headlines and brought attention to the issues of freedom of expression and protection of First Amendment Rights.

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