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Beadle's Beads (LINKS):
Beaded Christmas Ornament: These are scans of beaded Christmas ornaments sent to me and links to more ornaments
NEW STUFF !!: My Latest creations...Agate and Alabaster Necklace and earrings set!
Even MORE Christmas Ornaments!!: These are just so beautiful ladies, I just don't know how to thank you enough.
"GODDESS AMULET BAG": Made by: Karen Rodgers of Spring, Tx *FOR ME*
Marching on 1999: New fossilcab necklace and hummer earrings.
"Irish Spring" necklace 4/6/99:
"MELANCHOLY ME": Song about the Ocean I wrote in 1981
New Needlecase:
HELP! Tatting around a Hoop!:

Kits and beads

Beadles' Beads
"Pencil Topper Pals" kits and order info
"Beadle's Beads" *Please be patient while no kits or patterns are available!*

Greetings! Enjoy a browse! I have created "Pencil Topper Pals"."PTP'S" They are quick and easy to make. I have put together FUN& AFFORDABLE KITS to make these with everything you'll need.(the container is an actual pencil box that also works wonderful for a beading kit and storage for beads and patterns, it is double sided and won't spill your beads and accessories) **contents** **Patterns, pencils, beads, beading thread, needles and steel fold-up sharp scissors. Shown in the picture above are only some of the easy designs that I have created. There are 18 patterns available in groups of threes already made up. Each kit comes with all you need to make 3 of the "Pencil Topper Pals".** Choose your kit from SIX available kit combinations. These make excellent gifts for children and adults. Give a "Pencil Topper Pal" that you have made to some- one special.... Or give the "Pencil Topper Pal" kit to someone you know who loves to do beadwork. To see more , just click on Beadle's Beads link above! or Printable info page.

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