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Hello and welcome to my web site, here you can check out the joke page "top of the head jokes" or check "my version" of the sports section, where you try not to say positive about the star! And sometimes check out the sad section. I am still fixin everything up so don't expect much for awhile, but bookmark this page because I try to update this page EVERY day! I have done this much in about 1 1/2 days. Please answer my polls and other stuff that I have in the guest book or by email if you please. Your suggestions are of utmost imprtance right now. In order to get this page up and running I must have jokes for the joke page, I NEED LINKS TO SIMILAR SITES!!, and of course I always need your ideas for the sports section. And finally I must have your support, click on the banners that I will somehow find a way to put on this web site! And also check out the chat room!!! It is not tripod related!

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MY favourite baseball team
I love the Braves! Do you? Well if you like baseball, this is the place to go. Oh, there is a wierd kind of fantasy baseball there, check it out, its free
Top of the head jokes
Want some wierd jokes, well then come on over!
Sports Categorie
your guide to getting proper, THE REDNECK WAY
my story jokes

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